Russia & China’s BRICS? South Africa, India, and Brazil Mere Players?

Vinod Dsouza
Xi Jinping China President Russia Vladimir Putin

The BRICS alliance is aggressively moving forward to overthrow the U.S. dollar from its global reserve status. The bloc of five nations will decide on the formation of a new currency to challenge the U.S. dollar’s superiority. The U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen confirmed last month that the United States pressing sanctions on other nations led to developing countries ditching the dollar.

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So who did the U.S. press sanctions against recently? The answer is Russia, for its role in waging war and invading its neighboring country Ukraine. On the other hand, which country wants world domination by overthrowing the U.S. grip on global finances? The answer is China.

Is the BRICS alliance powered by Russia and China only? Are Russia and China using BRICS to dominate the world by sidelining the U.S. dollar?

BRICS Alliance Powered By Russia & China’s Global Domination Plans

The cocktail of Russia and China’s world domination is driving the BRICS alliance at full speed. Russia wants to save its local economy by bypassing the sanctions pressed by the U.S. government. China wants to be the global superpower that it always desired and BRICS is its stepping stone.

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Russia and China are using BRICS to dominate the world by sidelining the U.S. dollar. The other countries, Brazil, India, and South Africa, barely have ambitions of world domination.

Brazil and South Africa have repeatedly lashed out against the U.S. dollar but don’t have the motives of global domination. India, on the other hand, wants to be a global powerhouse but aims to achieve the milestone with its credentials. India can survive without the BRICS alliance and is not dependent on the bloc for its survival.


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However, that’s not the case for Brazil and South Africa. The two nations need the BRICS alliance to uplift their local economies and be aligned on the path of progress.

Therefore, India, Brazil, and South Africa are mere players in the BRICS bloc while China and Russia are using it for their gains. The sooner other countries realize their mannerisms, the better it is for them to steer away from the domination plans.