BRICS: UAE Is Top 3 In Global Business for 2024

Joshua Ramos
Source: Reuters

In what is certainly a notable development for the BRICS alliance member, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been listed in the top 3 countries for global business in 2024. Indeed, the nation was noted as one of the most preferred for business operations on a global scale.

The reported rankings took into account the overall advantageousness of more than 56 countries for business operations on a worldwide basis. The UAE was only surpassed by Hungary and the Netherlands. However, its position displays its status as a vital ecosystem for economic activity and company launches.

Source: Reuters

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BRICS’ UAE is Listed as One of the World’s Best Global Business Hubs

The BRICS economic alliance has not been shy about its desire to grow for the last several years. That decision first engaged the overall economic cooperation that it conducted with various nations. However, in 2023, that saw five nations join its ranks. That first expansion effort was key in expanding the business dealing of the alliance for both the short and long term.

That expansion included Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Subsequently, one of those countries has continued to prove its worth in the economic space through a recent listing. Indeed, BRICS’ newest member, the UAE, has been listed as a top 3 country in global business for 2024.

Source: CNBC

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The rankings took into account countries that are most desirable for start-ups and company launches. Furthermore, it proved the thriving UAE economy was the basis of such preferences. The ranking took into account the overall ecosystem, GDP projection, and more when determining the best options.

The continued expansion of the UAE economic ecosystem is undeniable. It most recently saw Microsoft invest $1.5 billion into UAE-based AI company, G42. Subsequently, it provided proof of the magnet that the country has been to increased business dealings in a variety of different sectors.

That should only continue throughout 2024. Moreover, it should work to the overall benefit of the BRICS economic alliance as a whole. The collective is bound to see increased effectiveness of policies and initiatives through UAE business dealings. Along with similar success from other expansion nations.