Buff Dogecoin is Making its 6th Burn

Buff Dogecoin

What is Buff Dogecoin?

The Buff Dogecoin is an initiative to make the popular meme “Doge” more widely accepted. It hopes that by creating this currency, decentralization will improve. As you might know, the project is known as “The King Of Memes.” The launch of Buff Dogecoin was on 8 August.

Buff Dogecoin is a fun meme with an unusual mission, rescuing animals. The reason behind this? It’s all due to “We Are One.” When we destroy nature, it will also destroy humans because they connect as one unit.

The Buff Dogecoin is giving back through charity. The Binance Smart chain will donate 10% of its developer profit and use it for animal shelters, environmental projects.

Double Burn Protocol

One of the things that make Buff Dogecoin unique is its status as a hyper-deflationary coin. Each burn will double its quantity compared to previous burns. This ‘Double Burn Protocol’ has lowered the coin’s inflation.

Buff Doge has undergone five successful double burn protocols, with the sixth burn happening today, 29 September.

With every turn, the amount of the previous burn doubles leading to an increase in the token price. The amount of token supply influences the token price. The fewer the token supply, the higher the token price. For this purpose, it will be burning its token frequently.

As the total burning increases by double, over time, it will eventually burn the entire supply.

Buff Dogecoin will be making their 6th burn today, 29 September. From the records of burns they’ve had leading up to ATHs, this is perhaps one of the best times to buy


Here’s a quick rundown of how you can make more Buff Doge Coins. First, 5% from each transaction is redirected to token holders. This means that just holding them in your wallet (auto staking) and not doing anything else will earn extra coins. The second thing, it provides liquidity through its official swap partner called PancakeSwap.

User Safety

Buff Dogecoin is listed on three different cryptocurrency sites including, Coinmarketcap and Coin gecko, and has received an audit by Dessert Finance. Yet, the audit result was a success, and its contract has been verified as secure.

Potential to Grow for Buff Dogecoin

The Dogecoin community is snowballing, and it seems like the coin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The team behind Buff has said that they will soon be listing their tokens on exchanges. Moreover, they are also working on creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) (NFTs). With almost 14 thousand holders, according to BSCscan, there really shouldn’t be any problem getting this listed quickly enough, either.

Buff Dogecoin is looking to take over the meme world with its many witty and entertaining creations. They are producing a wide variety of memes so that people can enjoy them all. They aim to be the “King of Memes.”