Burger King follows its rival into the crypto-verse; Dogecoin for Whoppers?

Sahana Kiran
Burger King
Source – Pixabay

Prominent fast-food chain, McDonald’s got dragged into the crypto-verse as a joke. However, its counterparts like Burger King and MrBeast Burger navigated their way into the industry and all of them have eyes on Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin [DOGE].

Following a gazillion memes about crypto investors flipping burgers at McDonald’s, Elon Musk joined in on the joke too. Musk laid out a proposal to McDonald’s. He suggested that he would eat a happy meal on TV if the fast-food giant accepted Dogecoin for payments.

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McDonald’s went a step ahead and pitched the idea of Tesla accepting “Grimacecoin” instead. The Dogecoin community was clearly disappointed. Making use of this opportunity, Burger King, slid into Musk’s comment section. The fast-food platform tweeted,

While the vague tweet left the community wondering what Burger King really meant, a few others suggested that the firm was hinting at accepting DOGE.

This wasn’t all, Burger King UK took to Twitter and rolled out a DOGE-centric tweet. The fast-food giant’s latest move got people believing that a Dogecoin x Burger King collaboration was underway. The tweet read,

Not just Burger King, MrBeast Burger wants in on the Dogecoin fun

Soon after Burger King jumped in on the Musk-Dogecoin wagon, MrBeast Burger took to Twitter and affirmed that they would accept the meme coin. However, Musk had to retweet the below tweet.

Furthermore, Billy Markus stepped in and suggested that MrBeast did not need Musk as the Doge Army was much stronger. Pointing out that he was no Musk, he retweeted the above-mentioned tweet. Soon after this, he urged the Doge community to step up and show MrBeast that they were “strong enough to give them all the engagement and press they need.”

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Despite this increased interest in the OG meme coin, it was seen slipping. Dogecoin was echoing the ongoing market sentiment as it was dropping by 4.41% pushing its price to $0.1419, during the time of writing.