‘Busy 2022’ has some ‘fun things’ in line for the SafeMoon Army

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Pixabay

SafeMoon has been inching up its dev game quite gracefully of late. The V1-V2 migration, for starters, has been quite successful so far. The transfer, as such, brings along with it added quality, security, and accessibility to the SafeMoon ecosystem.

Moving further, the project has been inclined towards the Meta and NFT-verse for quite some time now. However, just yesterday, the project’s CEO John Karony announced that SafeMoon is now set to launch its own NFT line, Naughty Naut. The same would be tied to the Metaverse Development Experience [MDE] to give an added real-world use-case advantage.

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SafeMoon Cards- ‘to be’ new form of money?

Karony, in yesterday’s SafeMoon Sunday segment, shed light on how the team was working on a host of different products simultaneously. Talking about how the current year looks like for SafeMoon, the exec said,

“We’ve got a busy 2022…”

After initially talking about their upcoming wallet whose delivery is expected in Q2 this year, Karony flipped the focus to one of SafeMoon’s most awaited products – their native card.

The said card would more or less act like a Debit/Mastercard, helping users to spend their SafeMoon on anything – right from “groceries” to “computer games.”

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Going down the line, the card would be linked to e-commerce providers. And it’s not specifically SFM – Users would be able to spend/use other cryptos too that they possess on the SafeMoon wallet.

Clarifying the same, Karony said,

“The SafeMoon Card is not just specifically for SafeMoon, but any other cryptocurrency. The most part of that we have on our wallet. You’ll be able to spend that as well. So, [it] can be used with your other cryptos on the SafeMoon Ecosystem.”

The exec then went on to acknowledge the support and backing of the SafeMoon Army. Adding to it he said that there were some “fun things” in store for them.

Shedding further light on the same, Karony said,

“We are also looking at doing a potential special launch edition of the card… Maybe through the community design we’ll put it up to a vote and then it’ll be the launch edition.”

He added,

“There will be a waitlist soon. That we will let you know and will get you early access to the special edition cards.”

Well, the aforementioned announcement did make members of the community ecstatic. Whales, as a matter of fact, have already started hoarding SFM tokens at this stage.

Meanwhile, SafeMoon was seen shrugging off its pre-accumulated losses and traded at $0.0023, at the time of press.