Call to Combat Is a New Captivating Play-to-Earn NFT MMORPG

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Call to Combat

Call to Combat is a new blockchain-based NFT play-to-earn game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) title was developed by a team of core blockchain technicians and members of well-known game development companies. This captivating, innovative, and addictive game uses a revolutionary new gaming strategy. This game is divided into numerous distinct levels and becomes exhilaratingly immersive due to the outstanding blending of action and strategy.

Call to Combat’s gameplay

Call to Combat is a first-person shooting game. The player’s objectives are to liberate the hostages and eliminate their adversaries. Players receive bounty points for successfully completing each level. The user initially takes on the character of a regular soldier or lieutenant and is granted charge of a choice of real-world guns to wield in battle. Each mission begins with a set of objectives that are displayed on the heads-up display compass for the players. The players must complete all of the goals in order to advance to the next mission.

The game will regularly issue new content upgrades for the game, which will introduce new tools, techniques, and battlegrounds (Levels). These changes are intended to satisfy players’ ongoing needs while boosting total revenue.

The ecosystem as a whole will generously reward Call to Combat early adopters. Players who recruit new friends and spread the word about the game will receive rewards. Moreover, the game provides access to a wide variety of potential profit models for people and organizations from a wide range of backgrounds and vertical sectors to explore.

Additionally, Call to Combat builds a fully closed-loop economic system and an entirely immersive game experience within its metaverse. Participating in these activities can net players some money.


The native token of the game is CalltoCombat ($CTC). It is a tradeable representation of the project’s protocol- and code-specified utility functions. Its main function is to serve as a universal utility token within the framework of the game.

Players can acquire CTC tokens in a number of methods, such as collecting, engaging in combat, and more. In addition to being a playable currency, CTC is also a cryptocurrency that can be bought outside of the game. 

The total supply is limited to 100,000,000 CTC, and can be purchased on exchanges (CEX and DEX). The tokens can also be attained via in-game rewards or airdrops, or via staking.

The token can be used in the game, in the NFT marketplace, to participate in events, and to develop in-game abilities.

The game also has a secondary token called the COMBAT token. This token is limited to 200,000,000, and can be earned through daily quests, battles pass, monthly pass, leader boards, or via events.

COMBAT can be used for purchasing NFTs on the marketplace, weapon collection, monthly weapon hunts, in-game activities such as “Upgrade items,” etc.

16% Liquidity is locked at Pinklock for 2 years using the CTC/BNB pair. 15% DAO Reserve tokens are locked at Pinksale for 1 year. 19.8% IDO is locked at Pinklock for five days. IDO is unlocked at IDO start. 2% Tokens of Team & Advisors are also locked at Pinklock for 1 year. 5% Tokens for Game development are also locked at Pinklock for 6 months. 5% of Game Incentives tokens are used to reward players for both in- and out-game activities. Tokens for game mining are also locked at Pinklock. 14.5% Tokens for Burn are also locked at Pinklock. They are locked for 2 months and unlocked every 3 weeks for burns.

What makes CTC different?

Call to Combat integrates NFTs, DeFi, and the blockchain to produce an international NFT-based Gamefi experience. This makes it different from other titles. In addition to taking the form of NFTs, the weapons in the CTC metaverse also have a value that rises overtime on the blockchain and can be applied in a variety of ways within the game.

The key distinction between CTC and other idle games is the Breeding system, which enables other players to play the game with a wide variety of characters.

Additionally, the game is designed for people who are not familiar with blockchain technology.

To know more, you can read their whitepaper or visit their website. You can also go to their Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, Github, or Medium.