Can Apple Stock Reach $1,000?

Joshua Ramos
Apple Stock
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There are few tech companies that can compare with the tremendous success of Apple. Consistently developing some of the most popular cell phones, laptop computers, and technology devices, it has become a mainstay in the largest societal relationship with technology. Yet, despite its immense popularity, can Apple stock price reach $1000?

Steve Jobs’ creation has been an overwhelming success in consumer electronics. Yet, could the Apple (AAPL) stock price actually hit, or maybe even surpass such an important figure? For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll observe Apple shares, and what factors could contribute to, and against, this potential price. 

Could Apple Reach $1000?

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The stock market is immensely unpredictable, which makes this exercise difficult. Moreover, a host of social and geopolitical factors could impact the prediction, and the price. Market trends and macroeconomic conditions are also important factors. 

Additionally, certain actions taken by the company could negatively impact the direction of the stock price. However, it is impossible to foresee what those are, and what impact they could have. However, the case for the eventual price is rooted in what the company is currently doing to increase its overall value.

The Case For

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The case for Apple stock to reach the $1,000 mark is mainly based on the success that the company has already shown. The tech giant could boost its stock price by continuing to expand the products it offers to consumers. Specifically, in their consistent product releases that have often dominated the market. 

Apple is regularly adding to its rather impressive array of products. Whether it be new cell phones, Macbooks, iPads, or subsequent accessories for those devices, Apple’s lineup is undeniably impressive. Additionally, the company boasts an impressive following of consumers who want to purchase these products. 

In February of this year, Apple also announced the introduction of completely new products. Specifically, the HomePod, is designed to improve audio clarity in homes. As well as a rumored AR/VR headset designed by the Apple team. 

Additionally, Apple has shown that it is willing to expand its product offerings outside of simple consumer electronics. Some rumors have shown that the company is primed to enter industries like healthcare and automobiles. This diversification could reap massive benefits for the overall stock price. 

Conversely, the development of custom chips for its own products could also add to this perspective. Not only would this introduce a new advantage for the Apple line, but it would also increase the overall stock. Specifically, the M2 chip was announced in 2022, with the M3 chipset to be announced at some point in 2023. 

The Case Against

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Apple is undeniably a blue chip stock, meaning that it typically represents a good long-term investment for stock trading. However, the question of whether or not the stock price could accelerate to the $1,000 level maintains some obstacles. 

The greatest hindrance to this eventual reality remains the stock split. Specifically, a stock split is a corporate action that sees a company separate its existing shares into several more shares. Subsequently, this increases the number of shares while decreasing the overall proportionality and value. 

The value of someone’s own stock won’t decrease, as they will still be granted additional shares, but it tends to impact the overall price of the asset. Thus, impacting the potential for Apple stock to reach $1000.

Apple, historically, tends to split its stock. Specifically, the company has executed the split five times since it first went public in 1980. Ultimately, it has never had a single share maintain a value above $200, which makes the $1000 mark a bit of an improbability. 

It is also important to note that a stock split is not an overall negative. Specifically, the action tends to keep the stock price in an accessible range for the average investor while also aiding liquidity. These facets make it much easier to trade and can be an indicator of an overall stock’s health. 

Will Apple Stock Continue to Grow?

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Most forecasts operate under the assumption that Apple stock will continue to grow, so it will undoubtedly reach the $1000 mark at some point. Yet, whether or not that assumption is valid remains a question. 

Ultimately, AAPL is considered by many to be a good stock to purchase and hold. Thus, it sports what is considered an immensely positive outlook for the foreseeable future. Subsequently, predictions maintain that Apple stock could reach $1000 between the years 2035 and 2040. 

Currently, the price is seeking to make its way toward the $200 price point, which shows just how long it has to go until it can reach three zeros. Specifically, the stock would need to rise by nearly seven times in order to reach that number securely. 

However, the good news is that Apple stock price stock has already risen that much over the last nine years, as users of Apple products have seemingly increased just about every year. Although new user figures will likely diminish over time, the diversification of Apple’s offering should help combat that.