Can Blockchain Technology Suddenly Disappear One Day?

Vinod Dsouza
blockchain technology
Source: Pixabay

Imagine a day comes when you wake up just to see blockchain technology suddenly disappear, leaving no trace of its past. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the other cryptocurrencies are vanished and are nowhere to be found on the internet and offline. Trading apps display ‘no coins’ and provide an update saying ‘they are investigating the disappearance’ of cryptos. News anchors talk in-depth about how cryptos vanished and critics enjoy calling the collapse of the ‘magic internet money’ saying ‘I told you so’.

Will this day ever become a reality? Will blockchain technology, that hosts cryptos and NFTs ever disappear one day? Let’s decode the possibilities of this unpleasant scenario.

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Will Blockchain Technology Suddenly Disappear?

Source: Pixabay

The good news is that blockchain technology disappearing out of thin air is virtually impossible. Blockchain technology is different from regular tech as the information once stored in it can’t be deleted, altered, or tampered with.

The same data is stored across various computers in many different countries using non-identical software. Therefore, one person, or an individual entity, cannot claim ownership of the blockchain technology, nor indulge in tampering once data is stored.

Blockchain technology is completely autonomous and facilitates the process of recording transactions in an immutable ledger. It tracks assets in a business network that can never be changed nor deleted and remain recorded forever.

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Therefore, even if one computer fails, several other computers record the transaction. The tech is also publicly available, as all transactional details are recorded for public viewing.

In short, blockchain technology is a great system that can never be manipulated.

However, it has its problems such as scalability and adoption. Nonetheless, these are being worked upon and could soon solve the problems in the long run and work efficiently.

In conclusion, blockchain technology’s superior nature and form of functioning by being autonomous will allow it to remain and reign forever. A day will never come when it suddenly disappears at least up until our lifetime.