Can Pulsechain Rise 14,000x After Launch? Richard Heart Explains

Vinod Dsouza
PulseChain PLS PLSX
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Rumors are circling that PulseChain Testnet V3 is all set to be launched sometime in February 2023. Hex founder Richard Heart confirmed in a recent interview with influencer Mati Allin that the “software development on PulseChain is going really great”.

During a recent Q&A session, a user asked Heart if he can give out a “price expectation for PLS?” Heart revealed that he does not provide price predictions but eventually went ahead stating what could happen after launch. Heart previously predicted that Hex could do a 10,000x, and his prediction turned out to be accurate.

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The cryptocurrency tycoon now forecasts that PulseChain could do a 14,000x, similar to how Ethereum did a 14,000x in the indices.

“I don’t make price predictions but I will tell you what could be possible,” said Heart and continued, “When I said that Hex was designed to do a 10,000x when it was invented, it was because I thought of what Ethereum did. Ethereum did a 10,000x, so it was a reasonable estimate of what was possible”.

He added, “Well, if Ethereum did a 14,000x, which it has so far, why can’t something that’s better? So I think a 14,000x is a reasonable estimate to what could be possible for PulseChain,” Heart forecasted.

You can watch Heart’s estimations for PulseChain post-launch in the video below:

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Also, surprisingly, 99% of Richard Heart‘s predictions have mostly turned out to be true. Many in the cryptocurrency sphere label Heart as a time traveler who foresees damage beforehand. You can read most of his predictions that turned out accurate here.

Can PulseChain Do A 14,000x?

PulseChain PLS PLSX
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PulseChain is yet to be launched, therefore, there’s no possible data to predict its run in the indices. Also, considering that the global economy is on the verge of a recession, the bear markets could stunt PLS growth.

The markets are not in favor of a bull run and leading cryptocurrencies could retrace in price after a rally. Whether PulseChain could do a 14,000x or not, only time will tell.