Pulsechain Testnet V3 To Be Launched in February 2023?

Vinod Dsouza
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Rumors are rife on social media that PulseChain Testnet is all set to be launched sometime in February 2023. A handful of Hex investors are tracking PulseChain’s progress claiming that the V3 Testnet could be out next month.

The speculations rose after Hex founder Richard Heart confirmed in a recent interview with influencer Mati Allin that “software development on PulseChain is going really great”.

The founder explained that PulseChain is under development but he did not announce a tentative release date for the layer-1 network. “The software development on PulseChain is going great. I’m seeing screenshots of a staking launchpad for V3. So like, V3 is so close, it’s close,” Heart is heard saying in the video.

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PulseChain Testnet V3 To Be Out In February?

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However, the Twitter handle ‘PulseChain News & Talk‘, which religiously follows the network’s update stated that the Testnet is in its final stages.

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“TestNet v.3 is imminent! Devs are in the final testing phases before official release of TestNet v3. User Interface of the PLS staking received a huge overhaul. Nearly 600 staking validators in operation. PLS and PLSX sac balances likely updated with v.3 launch,” the tweet read.

Another influencer took to Twitter claiming that a dev confirmed that the V3 Testnet is only hours away. “Well, a dev just hit me back with PulseChain Testnet V3 possibly being hours away. PulseChain blocks at 0 now .V3 incoming!” the tweet read.

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Nonetheless, the tweets can be taken with a grain of salt as Heart has not confirmed a tentative launch date. It is not when PulseChain will be released and we’ll have to wait and watch for an official confirmation.

The PulseChain Testnet rumors are benefiting Hex in the indices as the token turned to the green on Monday. It is up nearly 6% in the day’s trade and could spike double digits with the speculations.