Cardano [ADA] Closes Deal with Fortune 250 Company Dish Network


Cardano summit 2021 is going strong with major partnership announcements. The crucial news was broken during the first keynote address. The partnership involved one of America’s most well-known companies, Dish Network. Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson made the announcement.

The partnership will see the two entities launch a joint digital ID on Boost’s mobile phone. This is an incredible development for Cardano. Moreso, as they enter the telecom sector with an estimated market value of $1.7 trillion.

IOHK tech business analyst, Sava Savic confirmed via tweet.,

“Yes, I have been working with Dish, a Fortune250 company, the past few months with my delivery team in IOHK PSG. We have built out a great and dedicated all-star team that is working with this client for months. We are already building great solutions.”

Interestingly, Dish entered the crypto and blockchain space as early as 2014 making it among the early adopters.

Cardano founder, Hoskinson lauded Dish’s transformation over the years. So, he expressed excitement to be joining forces with them. He also underscored the need for innovation. Thus, providing new services while focusing on the fragmented system of digital identity.

Shortly thereafter, IOHK also announced:

“Announcing a landmark partnership with Dish. Bringing the world of global telecoms and the blockchain space together. It’s the first collaboration of its kind. Unlocking significant value for DISH’s customers while growing adoption for Cardano

Boost became the first telco to embrace a blockchain-based loyalty program. The program comes with a “Tokenized reward system” as another feature that will debut. Targeting 8 million Boost consumers, this partnership will create new opportunities for both companies!

Cardano is here to stay – Charles Hoskinson

Many people have been skeptical about the Cardano project. But during his keynote speech, Charles Hoskinson dismissed these criticisms. He called it “highly perplexing,” before announcing their partnership with Dish Network Corporation. He also stated that “Cardano is here to stay” and that “it is just the beginning.”

The executive also touched upon how to break away from surveillance capitalism. He encouraged decentralized apps that don’t need any kind of authorization.

He said that today’s global society requires the right platforms and infrastructures. But, it is not fair for industry biggies such as Microsoft or Apple to decide what one can download. Hoskinson also discussed the need to defeat future supercomputers that pose a big threat to the crypto-industry.