Cardano Is Cooking Several Updates, Says Technical Architect of IOG

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Cardano Is Cooking Several Updates, Says Technical Architect of IOG
Source: DataDrivenInvestor

Duncan Coutts, the principal technical architect of Cardano’s IOG, says that the team is working on several upgrades. Cardano’s team has been cooking up a lot of updates recently for its blockchain. Duncan Coutts recently spoke about several of these updates that are happening behind the curtain. IOG is the development firm behind Cardano.

He stated that several developments are in the pipeline that will change the face of Cardano and have a great impact on the community. At Cardano, the team is primarily focusing on improving scalability, speed, and interoperability.

Source: AMBCrypto

Let us talk about the Cardano EVM sidechain

Cardano’s EVM is a fully decentralized, scalable solution constructed by the IOG. The EVM sidechain is imported to improve the scalability of different projects that are building on the Cardano blockchain.

The EVM sidechain will improve the interoperability of Cardano. This will allow the data transfer from one network to different networks. Sidechains combined with bridging protocols will help to embed better data movement freedom.

The EVM sidechain is the first sidechain created and made available by IOG with the intention of allowing Solidity developers access to Cardano. The Solidity developer community will be able to create DApps on a less expensive and more energy-efficient platform than proof-of-work blockchains thanks to the EVM sidechain.

Peer-to-peer networking

The team envisions decentralization with peer-to-peer networking. Cardano has three main pillars when it comes to decentralization. That is block production, governance, and physical decentralization.

Cardano, which is powered by distributed nodes, is primarily run by stake pool operators. To ensure decentralization, there should be reliable communication between nodes. Peer-to-peer networking will help eliminate the connectivity framework and create direct communication between peers.

Scaling Cardano with Input endorsers

The ADA team is utilizing Input endorsers to scale its blockchain in 2022. Input endorsers are all about speed and improving the consistency of block propagation and allowing high transaction rates.

The team is trying to achieve this with Ouroboros, which is a PoS consensus protocol for the blockchain. This is mandatory for the successful implementation of input endorsers. A new level of the Ouroboros dubbed Leios is being developed by IOG.

The main update of them all, the Vasil hard fork is the much-anticipated update from the team. The update is all about providing better support for DeFi applications and in turn providing better adoption and growth. The team is communicating the updates regularly to keep the community in the loop regarding the launch of Vasil.