Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson, XRP Army trade blows on Twitter

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Coin Culture

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently stated that Ripple targeting the Securities and Exchange Commission with unsupported corruption allegations could end up reducing its chances of winning the lawsuit against the agency and fragmenting the space.

Replying to attorney John Deaton on Twitter, Hoskinson, however, also stated that the discussions about corruption will have no impact on the decision pertaining to XRP’s regulatory status because that’s a “completely separate matter.”

Further elaborating on his point of view under the same Twitter thread, the Cardano founder tweeted,

You’re arguing with someone who has spent years fighting government corruption from the audit the fed days to calling out the covid madness. It’s OK to be angry about selective enforcement. It’s literally institutionalized with bitlicense. But proper steps need to be taken.”

Presenting both the sides

Throughout the course of the lawsuit, the defendants have allegedly claimed that William Hinman, the former SEC’s Director of Corporation Finance, had a conflict of interest with Ethereum officials during his time at the agency. Per Charles Hoskinson, however, that is all made up. In a recent podcast with Tony Edward, he said,

“The XRP community tried to invent this grand conspiracy that there was blatant corruption between the insiders at the SEC and Ethereum. I don’t honestly think that that’s the issue here.”

The aforementioned “conspiracy” was refuted by John Deaton. He also opined that being a leader and making such misleading claims was the reason why the Cardano founder was targeted by the community.

A particular user on Twitter asked the ‘XRP army sleuths’ to ‘start digging dirt’ on Charles Hoskinson. Responding to the same, he tweeted,

Great now the conspiracy has spread to me. I guess the guy at ethereum for only six months prior to launch who proposed a different distribution and fundraising model is somehow connected to the years after I left. This is really sad and shameful. Really XRP Army?

The community remains to be divided at this stage. On one hand, members claim that everyone is entitled to express their opinions and they have nothing, but love for Hoskinson.

On the other, claims are also being made that the Cardano executive never really supported Ripple in its lawsuit against the agency.

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