Ethereum Classic or Ergo? Cardano’s Hoskinson repurposes ETC’s Twitter

Sahana Kiran
Ethereum Classic
Source – Unsplash

Over the last couple of weeks, the crypto community has been witnessing an ongoing battle between two prominent individuals in the crypto industry. Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson and Ethereum Classic’s Bob Summerwill were seen having a Twitter tiff which did not end in the best way. Earlier today, Ethereum Classic’s [ETC] Twitter account was changed to “Ergo.” This certainly left the network’s 670K followers baffled.

The reason behind this sudden shift was directed to Hoskinson who decided to repurpose ETC’s Twitter account. The Cardano founder decided to turn ETC’s account into the new community page for the Ergo platform, a smart contract facilitator that mirrors Ethereum [ETH].

Disappointed by the latest series of events, the Ethereum Classic network opened up a new Twitter page and elaborated on the details. The network believes that an incident that took place in 2021 pushed Hoskinson in taking this step.

As this feud prolonged, Hoskinson decided to repurpose the network’s Twitter account overlooking its 6 years of history in the ETC community along with 8000 tweets and 670K followers acquired over the years. The Ethereum Classic network further called out Hoskinson for his “spiteful behavior.”

The Ethereum Classic community has been urging Hoskinson to return the network’s Twitter account for quite some time now. Back in September, Hoskinson tweeted,

“Return? It’s my account. As for the return, I can’t get back the millions of dollars of development we spent nor the years of time supporting a blockchain that didn’t seem to want to do anything other than preserve a status quo. We’ll call it even”

Hoskinson and Ethereum Classic battle it out

Furthermore, it should be noted that Hoskinson has time and again expressed his hostility towards the Ethereum Classic network. Over the last month, however, the magnitude of the feud seemed to have elevated. Additionally, in September, Hoskinson outrightly called ETC a “dead project with no purpose.”

Amidst all of this, ETC was trading for $27.78 with a 1.50 percent daily drop.