ChatGPT Just Passed an MBA Exam

Joshua Ramos
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Amidst all of the hype surrounding the viral AI chatbot, one Wharton professor decided to put the program to the test. He took a question that is a staple in one of his courses, and he posed it to the chatbot. The result? Well, ChatGPT has just passed an MBA exam.

Inc. covered a story about Christian Terweish. He is the professor in question and stated that a manufactured scenario presented to his Operations management students — an MBA course — is the same one he posed to the OpenAI program. It didn’t just pass, but Terwiesch gave the response an A+.

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ChatGPT Continues to Surpass Expectations

Two graduates of a business school in New England have decided to partner to create a new business. That business would see them buy antique paintings from various auctions, quadruple the price, and sell on a website called World-Antique. The duo aimed for an annual revenue of $3 million but had to determine the dollar amount of their inventory.

That was the question that Christian Terwiesch proceeded to give the OpenAI-developed chatbot. ChatGPT resulted in passing the MBA exam question, further cementing the continued surpassing of expectations that has encouraged the viral status of the program itself.

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For Terwiesch, the artificial intelligence program is far from a perfect representation of human response. Yet, it could be a brilliant tool to be utilized by a human workforce. Ultimately, Terwiesch stated the bot, “cannot take over the task, but they can be an amazing partner,” the professor stated.

A recent survey has stated that 30% of professionals have already used the AI in their various work related tasks.

According to Terwiesch’s findings utilizing the program, he has stated where he believes it excels. Noting, “an aptitude for preparing legal documents, writing code, and completing some functions typical of managers, analysts, and consultants.” Noting that both “repetitive tasks,” and “consuming analysts,” could be where the program thrives in the workplace.

ChatGPT Positive Effect on Business

Source: New York Times

The chatbot’s status as a viral sensation is undeniable, and it is already effecting the business world outside of its functioning capabilities. Buzzfeed has recently announced the reduction in its writing staff and reliance on ChatGPT for certain duties. Bloomberg reported that the announcement has had a positive impact on its stock price.

The announcement preceded Buzzfeed breaking records in trading volume, following an impact in stocks of companies connected to OpenAI and the chatbot’s services. Microsoft, announcing a partnership last week, and China, have both announced their own program similar to the OpenAI tech.

AI-related Stocks have become a popular commodity among investors. Buzzfeed saw a 300% surge last week, with trading volume that surpassed 438 million shares. That shows a volume that tis above 470 million for the month. Now, it seems that how the technology impacts the company is as important as how company affiliation impacts its financial position.