OpenAI is Training ChatGPT to Eventually Replace Software Engineers

Joshua Ramos
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The artificial intelligence chatbot has become a viral sensation since its release in December of 2022. Now, with its full capabilities being put to the test, OpenAI is training ChatGPT to eventually replace software engineers, according to a new report.

Semafor initially reported the hiring of hundreds of contractors to help to teach the technology. Moreover, OpenAI is pursuing an avenue to make basic coding practices essentially obsolete. Thus, eventually eliminating the need for human coders within the industry.

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ChatGPT Capabilities Continue to Grow

It is immensely difficult to understate the viral sensation that ChatGPT has become. An artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, the technology has blown people away due to the seemingly endless capabilities it possesses.

Whether it be the elimination of freelance writing or more complicated functionalities, the program is passing nearly every test. Subsequently, it is being taught to continue expanding those capabilities, to perhaps make one aspect of human software development obsolete.

According to a report from Semafor, OpenAI is training the ChatGPT program to eventually replace software engineers. The report states that the artificial intelligence research business has hired hundreds of international contractors to aid in the training of the ChatGPT program.

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The hope of the training would be to eventually pave the way for the extinction of human coders. Through ChatGPT, the program would be able to execute the mundane coding process, allowing the entire software development industry to move past that step and embrace the other challenges within the space that require more human efforts.

Business Insider notes that OpenAI already has a product called Codex. A similar program that covers natural language into working code. Yet, the recent hiring seems to point to the company seeking to greater advance the technology.

ChatGPT has already proved to be a growing threat to several industries, with the coding involved in software engineering as the latest. Business Insider already reported that Amazon employees have turned to the program to aid in its coding efforts, with the company only warning against giving the bot confidential information.