ChatGPT Will ‘Change’ Our World: Microsoft’s Bill Gates

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Reuters

OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, has been impressing users since its launch in Q4 2022. In fact, it has made people’s lives easier by assisting them in tasks like penning down elaborative essays and answering various queries. Alongside, it has also successfully cleared various competitive papers, including ones in the U.S. medical licensing exam and Wharton’s MBA exam.

In a recent interview with German media house Handelsblatt, Microsoft executive Bill gates opined that ChatGPT is as significant as the invention of the internet. Elaborating on the same, he said,

“Until now, artificial intelligence could read and write, but could not understand the content. The new programs like ChatGPT will make many office jobs more efficient by helping to write invoices or letters. This will change our world.”

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AI to reduce work burden?

Bill Gates was initially quite skeptical about tech advancement. While speaking at The American Enterprise Institute almost a decade back, the entrepreneur warned of massive unemployment. At that time, he said that within a span of 20 years, a lot of jobs will be replaced by software automation or bots. He reportedly said,

“Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set.”

Gates’ latest remarks, however, highlight the dramatic shift in his stance. Handelsblatt reported that now the executive “is looking to the future with confidence when it comes to AI.” Commenting on the influence of artificial intelligence, Gates exclaimed,

“We will have to work less.”

ChatGPT is currently backed by Microsoft. A couple of weeks back, OpenAI and Microsoft announced an extension of their partnership. According to the published statement, the artificial intelligence research lab and the tech giant have orchestrated a “multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment” in the extension.

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