Coinbase Announces It Will List PayPal PYUSD Stablecoin

Joshua Ramos
Source: Coinbase

In what is undeniably an important moment for the industry, Coinbase has announced that it will list PayPal’s PYUSD stablecoin. Indeed, Coinbase Assets took to X, formerly Twitter, to unveil PayPal’s addition to the exchange’s roadmap, in what is certainly an important development.

The digital asset industry was shocked when PayPal announced the arrival of its US dollar-backed PYUSD stablecoin. Yet another indication of traditional finance exploring the digital asset industry, the asset is now set to be listed on one of the market’s most notable exchanges.

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PayPal’s PYUSD Stablecoin Gets Coinbase Listing

The arrival of PayPal’s stablecoin could very well develop into a landmark event for the industry as a whole. The traditional finance payment processing firm has been a consistent explorer in the digital asset sector. Yet, this arrival marked a new moment in that exploration: participation by the payment giant.

Now, Coinbase has announced that it will list the PayPal PYUSD stablecoin, a notable development. Specifically, the Coinbase Assets X account stated that the PayPal USD account would be added to the roadmap today. Lastly, they noted the Ethereum network contract address for the stablecoin in a subsequent post.

PayPal Enters Stablecoin Realm With PYUSD

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PayPal Stbalcoin is fully backed by US dollar deposits and short-term US treasuries. Moreover, the launch took place this August and was issued by the Paxos Trust Company. Its arrival signaled an important moment for the market as a whole, with the payment processor offering a newly secure transactional asset for industry participants.

Now, its collaboration with Coinbase is another important moment. Additionally, the timing is notable, as Coinbase has just announced a new PayPal integration. Specifically, German and UK users are able to link their PayPal accounts. Noting more rounded involvement from both parties in the partnership.