Coinbase Announces Proposed $1.5 Billion Senior Note Private Offering


Coinbase Global has declared its intention to offer fully and unconditionally guaranteed $1.5 billion of its senior notes in a private offering due 2028 to 2031.

The initial investors and Coinbase will discuss the interest rates of the purchases, redemption provisions, and other terms concerning the offering. Equally important, the closure of the offers depends on the market and other conditions.

Coinbase plans to use the funds raised from this offering to cushion their stable balance sheet. In addition, use the net income for general corporate purposes like the purchase of companies, items, and technologies that will benefit them in the future.

As already mentioned, the senior notes will be sold as a private offering. Also, they are easier to claim than junior notes. What’s more, buyers must meet and adhere to Rule 144A declared under the Securities Act of 1933.

Also, this is not the first time Coinbase is seeking to raise funds. Earlier this year, at the beginning of May, they declared their intention to sell convertible notes with the hope to raise $1.25 billion.

Convertible notes are bonds that allow the buyer to earn interest from their purchase or get stocks from converting their holdings. Indeed, this announcement was a shocker in the industry, considering that their accounts have a positive cash flow.

About Coinbase

Coinbase was built in 2012 to create a platform that allowed people from anywhere in the world to purchase and sell Bitcoin.

Their goal is to achieve an easy, accessible, fair, and efficient financial system powered by crypto. Consequently, they have created a simple and accessible platform for the whole Crypto Economy.

Coinbase vs. SEC

Recently Coinbase got into a war with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), immediately after announcing the lend product that would offer 4% interest to the Stablecoin owners.

SEC plans to sue them for offering a security product at a high-interest rate, as announced by the Coinbase legal officer, Paul Grewal. The SEC’s intention to use Coinbase caught them by surprise, as indicated by Paul and the CEO on Twitter.

According to Armstrong, they cannot understand why SEC is threatening to sue them because, according to them, a Lend product is not a Security.

The tweet from the CEO captured the onlooker’s attention and a lot of critics. For example, some people shared information to explain the meaning of security as in the Securities Act of 1933.

Cautionary Statements Concerning Coinbase’s Offering

The statement released by Coinbase regarding the offering contains forward-looking statements regarding size, completion, and timing. Such forward-looking statements include expect, intend, anticipate, and similar expressions. Besides these expressions bring out the risks and cautions with the offering.

Some of the uncertainties include;

  • If they will or not offer the notes
  • Terms of the offering, market conditions that might affect the offering
  • Timings of the offer
  • Usage of the acquired funds
  • Economic and industrial situations that might affect the offering
  • It is important to understand the risk factors of the offering before the release date.