Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong Says They Have a Good Relationship With the SEC

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Coinbase CEO States Why Being Anti-Crypto is a Bad Political Strategy
Source: Inc.Magazine

Coinbase has been quite vocal in recent times, as the Securities and Exchange Commission ramps up its scrutiny of the cryptocurrency industry. The exchange has also recently launched a campaign called Crypto435 aimed at fostering the cryptocurrency advocacy community. The exchange also mentioned that it is time for thoughtful policymaking and smart regulation.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently sat down with Bloomberg, where he shared his views on his relationship with the SEC, among other things. Speaking about the relationship with the SEC, Armstrong stated that the exchange has a good relationship with the regulator.

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Coinbase CEO says he wants a clear rule book

During the conversation with the Bloomberg host, Armstrong stated how the exchange analyzes different assets before they even make it to the Coinbase exchange. He stated that, as a CEO, he wants a clear rule book.

“If clear rules are published, we are happy to follow it. And if the rules change, we are happy to follow those,” said Armstrong.

Source: Bloomberg

Armstrong also mentioned during the conversation how collaboratively they worked with the SEC during the launch of Coinbase. Coinbase’s CEO stated that they are constantly in communication with regulators around the world.

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Speaking about the relationship with the SEC, Armstrong mentioned that they have a good relationship with the commission and that their interests are aligned.

“We want to bring this industry within the regulatory parameters so that we have good consumer protection. But, we also want to preserve the innovation potential.”