Coinbase Earn Quiz Answers Today: September 2022

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Coinbase recently launched an initiative called Coinbase Earn, which allows users to learn more about crypto while earning some cash. Users can take a quiz on the website to learn more about the crypto ecosystem, as well as projects within it like Polygon and Compound.

Multiple crypto courses are currently available on Coinbase to learn and receive crypto for their troubles. For those who just want to get the free crypto for their wallet, here are the answers for the most recent Coinbase Earn quizzes.

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Coinbase Earn Quiz Answers: September 2022

The quizzes available on Coinbase’s website change month to month. Here are the answers for this month’s quizzes, each with rewards up to $4 USD in select crypto.

AMP Quiz Answers

  • A1- Collateral token
  • A2- Instant settlement
  • A3- AMP Rewards

GRT Quiz Answers

  • A1- Blockchain Data
  • A1- GRT Tokens
  • A3- Curators
  • A4- Delegate to a high-quality indexer

XCN Quiz Answers

  • A1- Play-to-earn game maker.
  • A2- 10 billion XCN.
  • A3- Build their offerings using blockchain technology.

NEAR Quiz Answers

  • A1- A simple, fast, secure, and climate-neutral blockchain.
  • A2- To interact with apps and participate in governance on NEAR.
  • A3- Natural language like “dave.near.”

GAL Quiz Answers

  • A1- Buying and selling NFTs.
  • A2- The community.
  • A3- Staking.