Coinbase Set to Launch NFT Marketplace

Source: Coinbase

Coinbase Global introduced the idea they have of launching a New NFT marketplace. 

The marketplace dubbed Coinbase NFT will provide financial infrastructure for the crypto market, alongside technology. In addition, Coinbase NFT will make the purchasing, minting, exhibiting and invention of Non-Fungible tokens (NFT) simpler. 

 Other than this, Coinbase said that the new marketplace competes with pre-existing exchanges, like OpenSea. The platform did not give too much information on the details of the upcoming project but what we know is that they might include social features.

In turn, these features will allow conversation and inventions. The Coinbase platform has failed to keep up with the rebound increase of famous cryptocurrencies going down by twenty-seven per cent since the April listing. 

Through their Twitter account, Coinbase said they are expecting their followers to share their art. Lucky respondents will get to feature in the exchange’s 1st creative share festival. 

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), a U.S agency dealing with the regulation system, has created a challenge for the cryptocurrency market. Although the commission claims that it is protecting the investors from fraudulent crimes, crypto enthusiasts believe that the SEC is jealous about the lack of regulation and the profits they could make. 

There is also competition in the crypto market for purchasing and selling, with exchange platforms doing deep research to find new ways to support cryptocurrencies. OpenSea and FTX, for instance, introduced projects that will see fast and very low transaction fees. Another rival is Binance. 

One of the benefits of this new project is that it could generate revenue for the public since the NFT craze is taking over the market.

The Non-Fungible Token market is growing resilient. 

The Ethereum (ETHER) blockchain network, which houses most NFT tokens will house the Coinbase NFT. During the launching, the Exchange platform will not incorporate any layer-2 scalable networks. 

Hence, users will be subject to high gas fees and some other scalability problems. In the future, the platform says it will offer multi-chain support on the marketplace (Coinbase NFT). Notably, it supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

This development comes at the same time Cathie Wood trimmed some of its Coinbase Global Inc. stake. The firm sold more than five thousand shares worth around 1.4 million USD through the ETF Ark Innovation. 

What is Coinbase?

Coin base is an online program that allows users to purchase, vend, transfer and keep digital currency. Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam founded Coin base in 2012, and it became the first crypto business in the United states to go public. 

Although coinbase has robust security measures, its charges are incredibly high compared to other cryptocurrencies. One can access their account through a mobile app or a browser. Coinbase’s minimum amount to purchase and sell is two Dollars.  

Coinbase is user-friendly, and the process is too easy. 

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