Community Metaverse: A Fully Transparent & Community Driven Initiative

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Community Metaverse, Twitter

Decentralization and community-driven initiatives are a cornerstone of the crypto realm. However, many projects face a common problem- they are driven by developers, and the community takes a backseat. This is where Community Metaverse comes in. The team at Community Metaverse has tackled this problem by creating a fully transparent and community-driven ecosystem.

Community Metaverse is an ecosystem founded on the principle of a fully community-driven project. Their model is straightforward and gives holders the full authority to decide which direction to take and which products to create.


The majority of the power in the Community Metaverse is provided by two BEP20 tokens:

Community Token (COMT): The Community Token is the native currency for all Community Metaverse products and services, except for voting and governance.

COMT has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion) tokens. The whole transaction commission is 4%. The Development/Marketing Wallet receives 1% tax, while CVP holders who stake their coins get 1% tax in the form of dividends. All holders who stake CVP will get dividends via their staking contracts. 2% of the tax will be divided among holders.

PancakeSwap will receive 25% of the initial supply as the initial liquidity pool (locked for two years). 50% will be locked for one year, added to the liquidity pool if needed, or used for various projects. If unused, these tokens will be burned. On these alternatives, the community will vote. However, these tokens will never be sold.

Community Voting Power (CVP): This token represents the voting power of the holders in the Community Metaverse ecosystem. People who purchase Community Vote Power (CVP) can cast votes and decide how the ecosystem will grow. This can include choosing which product to develop and deliver next, which exchange to list, or which advertising plan to use.

The total supply will be 1,000,000 (one million) tokens. There is no tax or redistribution. 5% (50,000) of CVP tokens will be allocated for pre-sale (initial price $1 per CVP). 15% (150,000) of CVP tokens will be given to the ICO (initial price 1 CVP = 0.0025 BNB). 15% (150,000) of CVP tokens will be given to the Team Holdings Wallet. 65% of CVP tokens will be given to the initial PancakeSwap liquidity pool for the trading pair CVP/COMT.

Community Metaverse has already burned 60% of its total supply.

How voting works on Community Metaverse

For a small fee (1,000,000 COMT), COMT holders will have the ability to offer their ideas to the general audience. This charge will directly fund CVP staking contracts as an additional source of income and is required to avoid spam.

Owners of CVPs will be allowed to approve or reject a concept. The team will integrate a proposal into the ecosystem after obtaining upvotes from more than 50% of holders. For CVP holders, voting will be free: No matter how many CVP tokens you have in your wallet, one wallet = 1 vote.

The team will add a reward to the holder’s wallet when they present a suggestion to the public, along with the concept, justification, plan, specific structure, and usefulness.

Utilities, Achievements, and Milestones

Community Metaverse already has a line of utilities and achievements under its belt.

The team launched its own regulated CEX in Europe, called Betconix. The platform already has over 85,000 users, with around $60-$70 million daily volume.

Community Metaverse has also launched its own crypto social media platform called BlocksTalks. The official application will be available on Android and iOS this very week.

The team is also getting ready to construct the ecosystem’s p2p, DEX, and NFT marketplaces.

Moreover, the team has significantly increased in size. A new CTO and director of digital marketing have just joined the team, along with numerous others who manage relevant communities across several geographies.

They also have a well-planned road map laid out in front of them.


To know more about Community Metaverse, visit their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Medium, or read their whitepaper.

Visit their CEX, Betconix, website, or Twitter.

Join their social media platform, BlocksTalks, or visit its Twitter page.