Consecutive ‘Wins’ for Safemoon: Dogecoin Influencer Matt Wallace’s Poll Gets Dominated by SFM Again

Vinod Dsouza
Safemoon SFM wins Twitter polls
Source: Pixabay

Dogecoin influencer Matt Wallace recently held a Twitter poll during the weekend asking ”which crypto will go to the moon?” The options were Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, SafeMoon, and Baby Lambo Inu. While everyone expected Doge to win, SafeMoon’s popularity took over and it won by securing more than 50% of the vote share. SafeMoon took the sweet top spot with 53.5% votes while Dogecoin came at a distant second at 23.9%.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu stood at 19.5% while Baby Lambo Inu took the last spot at 3.2%. This isn’t the first time that SafeMoon has won Matt Wallace’s Twitter poll. During the first week of January, Wallace held a similar poll only to see SafeMoon winning it.

In addition, MMA fighter Chuck Liddell had also held a Twitter poll with the options Dogecoin, SafeMoon, and Shiba Inu. SafeMoon won the poll and defeated the meme-tokens. After the results were out, Liddell confirmed that he would invest in all the cryptos but didn’t disclose the amount.

Also, last week, CoinMarketCap held a similar Twitter poll and Safemoon won it as well. Safemoon’s community has grown stronger and larger in 2022 and has banded together as one. The community has won consecutive polls this month and the winning streak is likely to continue.

The most popular DeFi token faced its ups and downs in 2021 by receiving both praises and brickbats. It received praises as it made early investors millionaires in just three months post its launch in March 2021. However, the boat of stellar returns sailed post-June and the DeFi token experienced slumps.

SafeMoon Wallet, which had to be released in August 2021 got delayed due to “technical issues”. This made the community furious and after ‘firings and hirings’ the wallet was released in September.

SafeMoon : The Path Ahead

Reports are doing the rounds that SFM is all set to be listed on two different platforms in the coming months. CEO John Karony confirmed during a Q&A session in Discord that the listings will be announced at the right time. However, he did not name the trading platforms and remained tight-lipped about the name of the exchanges.

Also, Karony confirmed that SafeMoon will release its own NFT line ‘Naughty Naut‘. He stated that the NFTs will be tied to the Metaverse development experience (MDE) for an added real-world use-case advantage.

Rumors are doing the rounds that Australia’s exchange Coinspot could list SafeMoon and the other platforms remains a mystery. At press time, SafeMoon was trading at $0.00175152 and is up +4.9% in the 24-hours day trade.