Crypto spam volume surges by nearly 4000%

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The crypto-verse has existed for more than a decade now. From Bitcoin’s market cap rising to a trillion dollars to dogs and apes taking over the market, this industry has seen it all. But, just like any other industry, the crypto-verse is home to numerous spam bots. The comment section of a mere Twitter post entails an array of fake giveaways, bot replies, links to phishing sites, and many more.

Elon Musk, the potential owner of Twitter has time and again stressed the emergence of these crypto spammers on the social media platform. While a lot of them have neglected it, a recent report curated by LunarCrush revealed that crypto spam has surged by a whopping 3,894 percent over the last two years.


The report further highlighted that crypto spam was the highest growing metric compared to all other social metrics.

Is Twitter a hotspot for these crypto spambots?

The crypto industry largely relies on Twitter. From communication to announcements, the social media platform entails all things crypto. The average Joe can simply veer into Crypto Twitter to learn about the industry.

Hold up! But what about the scammy crypto bots? Twitter is also home to these bots. LunarCrush points out that Twitter spam volume has increased by 1,374 percent over the last two years. Newbies are likely to fall for these spambots as they try to pocket easy money from naive investors.

Furthermore, if you thought that these crypto accounts were run by bots, you are partially wrong. The report read,

“More spam accounts than you would think are actually people. People operating multiple accounts or many individual people operating one single account, versus a so-called stealthy algorithm running in the night. This is why it is so hard for a bot which was written to detect spam, to actually catch spam.”

While the aforementioned numbers are certainly alarming, several suggest that Elon Musk was the only hope left to eliminate these spambots.