CryptoWendyO: A Tiktok Influencer Brings Cryptocurrency Trading to the Masses

Wendy O

With the explosion of the new social media platform TikTok, more people can now showcase what they are passionate about to millions of users daily. There are some people on the platform that have found great success making cryptocurrency content on the platform. Let’s look at one of these crypto gurus that are making waves in the crypto space.

Who is CryptoWendyO


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At first glance, you will notice a chill and laid back feel when watching her videos on TikTok. CryptoWendyO’s content seesaws from commentary to coaching with ease instead of her male counterparts on the platform. Her content is more educational, especially to those who are new to investing in cryptocurrency.

Because of the young audience on the platform, she and her colleagues are changing the game on how they deliver and analyse financial news. However, she is all about telling people the truth about the volatility of the crypto markets. She doesn’t romanticise getting into the crypto trade. Instead, she tells them to be realistic and do what they can with the resources they have. Her demeanour and approachability have made her grow very fast in the crypto space.

It’s this type of honesty that has seen her gunner 149,000 TikTok followers, 146,000 Twitter followers and 70,000 YouTube subscribers in three years. She has also attracted a 43% female demographic, which is no easy feat as many women are generally not interested in such topics.

She hosts both daily and weekly trading news shows in addition to the daily TikTok videos.

The Meteoric Rise of Crypto-Finance Influencers

With the cryptocurrency space being valued at over $2 trillion, many individuals and corporations are looking to cash in this phenomenon. However, it’s highly profitable, and the market is highly volatile, with many people losing a lot of money in crypto scams daily.

Many people invest in crypto for different reasons, including being free from a centralised financial institution. To some the crypto technology jus intrigue them, i.e. blockchain technology.

The crypto influencers act as a bridge between newcomers and this new, seemingly complex industry. They provide them with knowledge on everything cryptocurrency, an in-depth analysis of emerging trends and daily news. How they deliver, this information is what attracts a large following to their brand.

CryptoWendyO : The Dark Side of Social Media

Being a woman with a large following on social media comes with its own set of challenges. CryptoWendyO goes through daily scrutiny on her looks. She claims she experiences constant abuse and harassment from some of her followers daily. The hate is usually fueled by sexists and misogynists who think she isn’t qualified to talk about such technical topics with authority.

For these reasons, she goes by CryptoWendyO to protect her identity from the trolls. Being a mother to a young girl, she has to toe the line between protecting her family and inspiring other women who look to her as a role model. Although it’s not easy, she’s handling herself very well.