Currency: Bitcoin to Grow Stronger Than the US Dollar

Juhi Mirza
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The attacks on the USD currency have lately intensified due to its growing weak stature. Amid the USD’s weakening stance, calls to propose Bitcoin as the supreme currency have also been growing louder.

Joining the BTC propagation spree, Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, contributed to the conversation, adding how Bitcoin is truly better than USD in many ways. 

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“USD Ponzi Scheme” – Kiyosaki

In a detailed thread shared on X, Kiyosaki shared several new details about his financial inclinations, including why he loves to propagate Bitcoin among the masses. He later outlined how USD, according to him, is a Ponzi scheme that is bound to crash one day. 

“Are you saying the US dollar and other fiat currencies are scams? A: Yes. Giant Ponzi schemes. All the US dollars are an IOU from America.” Kiyosaki later shared. 

In a wealth of new information, Kiyosaki was quick to add new flavors to his claims, sharing why he thinks the USD is dying a slow death. 

“Our US political, banking, and financial leaders. They are incompetent, corrupt, or both. Our leaders have no idea how to control the growing US government debt, US bond market, and overinflated stock market. 

With rising debt metrics, the US dollar’s weakening prestige has been a major issue on a global scale. With its debt rising to $34 trillion, the faith of investors in the USD seems to be shaking and dwindling. 

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“America is printing $1 trillion every 90 days just to pay its bills. They should resign, be fired, impeached, or put in jail. All should have their college tuition refunded. They learned nothing in school about money, ethics, honesty, or morality. They have ripped off the American people and people of the world.” 

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Kiyosaki on Why He Favors Bitcoin Over Local Currency

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Speaking about his adoration for Bitcoin, Kiyosaki shared how BTC is robust on all fronts, which makes it a lucrative investment option. 

He later went on to share a Metcalfe’s law analogy, adding how Bitcoin fits Metcalfe’s law potential to the T. 

“Metcalf’s Law. Metcalf’s Law is a law about the power of “networks.”Bitcoin, like the US dollar, cell phone networks, and network marking businesses such as Amyway gain their core value from the strength of their network system. That’s why Metcalf’s Law is important and why I am bullish about Bitcoin and the US dollar. Bitcoin has a strong network.“

Metcalfe’s law simply states that the more users a technology possesses, the more valuable and powerful that technology becomes. In terms of Bitcoin, the crypto is bound to touch new highs, given that it continues to amass new users and loyal investors, as Kiyosaki later reiterates. 

Kiyosaki on Gold and Silver

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With the USD’s value fluctuating, Kiyosaki has warned investors to opt for gold and silver and hedge during tough times. He accentuated the fact that Bitcoin, fiat, and silver have long been in the financial realm and possess the ability to help investors scale past difficult economic meltdowns. 

“The same as I have always advised: “Do not save fake fiat dollars. Save real gold, silver coins, or bitcoin.” Nothing I have been saying has changed. I follow my advice. As I stated 27 years ago in my book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, “savers (of fake money)” are losers. Please do not be a loser.” Kiyosaki warned