Did GTA 6 Hacker Receive 2.2 Bitcoin’s to Leak the Game Source Code?

Vinod Dsouza
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The gaming world went into a tizzy after a hacker broke into Rockstar Games systems’ and leaked 90 gameplay videos on Reddit. Rockstar Games confirmed they were hacked and tweeted they are in touch with the authorities to nab the bad actor.

The police arrested a 17-year-old boy in London in connection to the hack. It is reported that he previously broke into Uber systems too. Rumors about GTA game production are nothing new but new speculation is doing the rounds on social media that the GTA 6 hacker received 2.2 Bitcoins or $100,000 to purchase the data.

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GTA 6 Hacker Received 2.2 Bitcoin’s to Leak the Game Source Code?

A Twitter handle named Ben (@videotech_) was among the first to tweet a Bitcoin transaction showing someone bought the GTA source code through the hacker.

Source: Twitter / Ben (@Videotech_)

Game YouTuber ‘MrMattyPlays‘ picked up the tweet and made a video about the issue that garnered more than 50,000 views. MrMattysPlays debunked the rumor that the hacker sold game source code for Bitcoin.

You can watch the video of MrMattysPlays debunking the rumor that the leaker received Bitcoins below:

The hacker took to Telegram and denied that he received Bitcoins or $100,000 and that the wallet address mentioned is fake.

Source: YouTube grab / MrMattysPlays

However, Bitcoin Explorer Mempool Space confirmed that the mentioned wallet address “Bc1q5ctpkgan2npcwwsq9esvuq2fzne3m6qd8he7c5” is fake. The website stated that the mentioned wallet address is associated with scams and holds $96,690 from 6 different transactions.

In addition, several imposters created many more fake wallet addresses to cash in on the rumors. They pretended to be the hacker luring gullible gamers to pay them in Bitcoin in exchange for GTA source code.

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In short, the GTA 6 hacker did not receive 2.2 Bitcoins or $100,000 to leak the Grand Theft Auto game source code. The rumor is fake just like the majority of speculations doing the rounds on GTA 6.