Disney Metaverse: Disney Channel Joins Blockchain

Source: somag.news

Disney Creates the Disney Metaverse

The CEO of Disney Metaverse, Bob Chapek, has confirmed that the creation of Disney Metaverse is in progress. Consequently, Disney will establish a merger between the physical and Metaverse assets.

Disney’s decision comes just after an uproar in the popularity of Metaverse. Metaverse has attracted several physical companies like Facebook and blockchain companies.

What Is Metaverse?

Generally, the Metaverse is the future of the internet as we know it. Some people describe the Metaverse as the final stage that will change the evolution of the internet. Moreover, we expect the Metaverse to allow a concurrent flow of use without breaking down just like the internet.

The Metaverse is a speculation of the continuation of the internet that supports controlled online 3D virtual environments. This concept dates back to 1992 in the novel ‘Snow Crush’ by Neal Stephenson. The novel portrayed the Metaverse as a virtual street where people walk as avatars. People access the virtual space using special glasses(goggles) and also by plugging into terminals.

When you analyze, the concept has always been with us, although in separate entities. For example, Virtual Reality Games employ some techniques of the idea. The games also allow people to meet on an online game platform and play with each other using cartoon characters.

The Disney Metaverse:

On Wednesday, in a ‘Walt Disney Company fourth-quarter earnings call,’ the CEO hinted towards the development of the Disney Metaverse. Bob Chapek, however, did not give intimate details that will be driving this creation.

A Tour Into the Disney World

In the earning’s call, Chapek talked about the tremendous evolution of the company. Disney is widely recognized for its zeal to adopt new technological aspects. Additionally, according to Bob, The Metaverse will propel the company’s future strategies:

“Our company is truly unique and that we have a significant presence in the physical world through our parks and resorts, as well as media entertainment assets in the digital world. And it is incredible to see how our use of emerging technology and insights gained through our enumerable consumer touch points is enabling us to transform the way people interact with and experience our stories and products in both worlds.”

Disney’s Groundbreaking Features

In 2005, Disney Company made a record for being the first content distributor of the Apple iPod. Later, the company hoped on the ‘Steamboat Willie’ project, the first cartoons to use audio-animatronics.

Another one of Disney’s mega moves is the purchase of Pixar from Apple founder Steve Jobs. In turn, Pixar became the pioneer of the creation of Computer Animations.

Disney: Future Technological Perspective

The Disney Metaverse is the next big unveiling in Disney, connecting the physical into digital aspects. As stated by Bob, the company will create an unparalleled universe that will connect to customers on physical or digital platforms.

Amazing Aspects

In a post by the former vice president of Disney in Linked in, we certainly see an exciting metaverse unveiling by the company. In 2020, former VP Tilak Mandadi hinted about a park theme metaverse.

For this reason, we should expect a scenario where we can visit Disney World in our houses. This way, we invite Disney characters through the Metaverse and interact with them through AR. Welcome aboard Disney; we anticipate your creation.