OTOY to Render the Metaverse on Solana

Source: Blockchaintimes News

OTOY’s founder and CEO, Jules Urbach, plans to make content creation a democracy. OTOY will deliver a cloud-based metaverse through a Render Network. The Network will be the first decentralized GPU to render services and a 3D marketplace on OTOY’s OctaneRender NFT ecosystem. Jules additionally mentioned that virtual assets would be the first to democratize.

Why OTOY Chose Solana?

OTOY’s team shared that it is going to integrate Solana to render the Network. This announcement came about while at the inaugural Solana Breakpoint Conference in Lisbon.

According to Jules, Solana offers a highly secured and programmable infrastructure. For this reason, Solana provides a critical platform for the scalable and dynamic features of metaverse content.

In addition, Solana runs an advanced code that provides high speed to cater for the scene graph changes that come with the Render Network.

Should We Expect More Integrations?

Solana (SOL)

Apart from Solana’s partnership, OTOY has also created an understanding with the NFT minting platform Metaplex. The users of OctaneRender will use this platform provided by Solana to mint and auction their NFT’s.

OTOY’s CEO added that the Render Network would fund the development of an open-source Rust GPU cross-compiler tool. The compiler will run the RNDR Software Development Kit(SDK). In turn, the SDK will enable developers to target both the Solana intelligent contracts virtual machine (VM) and Render Network GPU nodes with identical code.

The Metaplex Provides Endless Opportunities

The Portugal CEO places the Metaplex as an excellent opportunity to reimagine the NFT marketplace. Even more so, the OTOY will add Solana’s storefront and smart contract code into the arts. That is, the Render Network artists’ will benefit from the custom 3D metaverse like NFT storefronts. 

The storefronts are coded inside assets, allowing payment flows to materialize despite the number of contributors in the NFT render Network.

Another advantage of the Metaplex is the Augmented Reality (AR) provision by the Render Network. AR creators gain the liberty to host live updates, and live streams NFTs render. Note that these live bits are allowed on the cloud across all devices, including iPads and iPhones. 

Likewise, Urbach said: “To make mixed reality work, it’s more than just rendering. We need to be able to take all the data coming from an iPhone or an iPad and use that to blend and relight the scene.”

Public Reaction to OTOY Unveiling

The news to render OTOY’s Network on Solana’s platform has excited several people. On Twitter, MediaFire.com co-founder Tom Langridge said the keynote was

“easily one of the most exciting presentations I’ve seen in the last decade.” Tom’s statement is only one towards the numerous positive comments hauled in the platform.


Many crypto artists, such as Beeple, have already used The Render Network. The Render Network is currently archiving the work of both Marvel and DC Comic book artist Alex Ross and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. These metaverse archives will preserve their respective creations on the blockchain for future utilization.