Solana NFT Projects to Buy Now

Solana NFT

The crypto world has been going through some tough times. But, Solana is bucking that trend with a price increase. After hitting an all-time high, SOL did pull back. However, it bounced right back up. With this rally, Solana’s price is up more than 13200%.

Solana is a clear-cut winner because of its underlying technology. Also, the usage of NFTs has attracted more mainstream users. Solana exchange doesn’t cost too much in gas fees, thus attracting more users.

Solana is a blockchain that uses Proof of History to reduce miner delays and make transactions faster drastically. It currently processes 65,000 TPS at only $0.0001 per transaction.

Solana’s recent rally started after launching one of the best NFT collections, with users flocking over to purchase. When they did so, it became clear that this marketplace offers a much easier and cheaper way than others on Ethereum-based markets.

Here are Some of the Solana NFT projects to Buy

Degenerate Ape Academy

The Degenerate Ape Academy is a new NFT collection that offers 10,000 unique 3D pictures of cartoon apes. The entire collection sold out in less than 8 minutes, sending Solana to an all-time high.

The launch of the Degenerate Ape was not without its hiccups. At first, we saw overwhelming interest from the NFT community as a whole, and the mint price was only 6 SOL. The value had more than doubled by the time it hit the floor, with a market cap now valued at $241 million for each ape – an average 129 sol sale.

The degenerate ape academy has attracted many big-time collectors to its discord server and Twitter. The collectors are ready and willing to spend millions on unique NFTs. With such an active community, there is no reason for this collection not to remain among the top in the Solana marketplace.

Solana Monkey Business

The Solana Monkey Business NFT collection is a unique addition. This 5000-monkey community aims to provide holders with exclusive advantages. The current floor price is 59 SOL, and the overall market cap is $60 million.

The launch of SMB was a success. They also have different marketplaces for GEN 1 and 2, which are both doing well so far. The MSB has established itself as one of the best NFT projects on the Solana blockchain in terms of community strength online. With over 10k members on their Discord and 20K thousand followers across social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.


It’s been a tough few weeks for those hoping to get their hands on some new NFTs. With the release of Aurory, things only got more complicated as nearly 50K people tried to mint. The gaming platform reported that they sold out all 100 000 in 3 seconds.


With SolPunks, collectors can now add generative-profile art at a lower price. The quality may not be as good, but it’s still unique and collectible. The SolPunks project is unique in that it offers guaranteed floor prices to the community members. It has also been growing steadily, with an average sale price near 12.6 sol coins per unit. The market cap is steadily climbing to $50 million.


Frakt is a popular Online Game Trading Marketplace that specializes in randomly generated design patterns. The mathematics of each fractal creates a unique visual appeal for collectors worldwide. Therefore, many people are purchasing these NFTs because they are stored using IPFS. Besides, they are easy to access and share, size notwithstanding.


NFTs are not going to die down anytime soon. Users want an easy-to-use marketplace that doesn’t charge high gas fees for transactions while still providing a decent experience. That is what Solana NFT offers.