Does Albertsons Sell Postage Stamps?

Does Albertsons Sell Postage Stamps?

Your letter mailing guide: Does Albertsons sell postage stamps?

So, you find yourself at your local Albertsons.

You’re grabbing everything you need for this upcoming week, like your chicken and bread.

Then, out of nowhere, you have a mild panic attack and realize that you also need postage stamps to mail out a very important letter.

This begs the question: Does Albertsons sell postage stamps?

Today we’re going to answer just that, so keep reading to find out more.

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Does Albertsons sell postage stamps?

Yes, Albertsons does sell postage stamps. In our research, we found that most Albertsons will sell stamps. Just remember they won’t be available for delivery or able to be purchased online.

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Where do I find stamps inside Albertson’s?

When you’re in your local Albertson’s, we highly recommend either any staff member or just heading right up to Customer Service.

This would be the same counter where you pick up your rewards cards.

Usually, the staff members will know exactly where the stamps are located.

Also, there may be some ATMs inside the location that sell stamps for your convenience as well.

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Does Albertsons Sell Postage Stamps?

Where else do I look besides Albertsons for stamps?

Of course, we always highly recommend going to your local post office.

However, we totally understand that this might be totally out of the way.

You can also check other stores like a Dollar General store or local convenience store like a Rite Aid. You can also try other grocers, like Kroger.

You have plenty of ways and hopefully, you give yourself enough time that you can find an alternative method if you can’t find stamps at Albertson’s.


In conclusion, most Albertsons will be your one-stop shop for everything from groceries to stamps.

Although the availability of stamps is going to vary from store to store your local Albertsons should most likely carry stamps.

However, if they are totally out, don’t worry, still have plenty of options as mentioned above.

Happy shopping.