Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

Joshua Ramos
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The rising popularity of digital payment applications is undeniable. Moreover, as the landscape of digital payment services grows, it becomes increasingly important to know what stores accept them. Leading us to answer the question, does CVS take Apple Pay?

CVS, one of the most popular pharmaceutical chains in the United States, has an immensely popular store. Conversely, Apple Pay has risen in popularity since its arrival while managing a large user base due to the prominence of Apple’s mobile technology.

So, can you use the payment service at this specific store? Let’s find out.

What is CVS?

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CVS is undoubtedly one of the most popular consumer stores in the United States. Specifically, the retail pharmacy has more than 9,800 locations across the country. Moreover, they have consistently been among the most utilized establishments of their kind nationwide.

The store was first started in 1963 and has only grown since its inception. Subsequently, in the six decades since its arrival, the store has evolved from a simple pharmaceutical establishment to so much more. Eventually becoming one of the largest retailers in the United States.

The store was initially beloved because of its wide array of medicinal offerings. Whether it be prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications, CVS first established itself as a health and wellness hub. Conversely, it has evolved to offer a wider array of products.

Specifically, CVS has integrated the offering of some grocery products, personal care items, beauty products, and more. Thus, it has developed into a store that shoppers can go to for a wide array of products that they need.

However, knowing that they serve many different customers, I will see if they accept different payment methods.

Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay
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CVS stores do, in fact, accept Apple Pay at all of their locations. Specifically, the pharmaceutical chain accepts most payment methods across various stores nationwide. CVS Pharmacy accepts Apple Pay as well as traditional credit or debit cards. Moreover, the store accepts Apple Pay from nearly all iOS-compatible devices that the system is integrated into.

This includes an iPhone, iPad, or even an Apple Watch. Thus, making your use of Apple Pay at the chain even easier. Through the integration of your credit or debit card with your Apple Pay account, you are able to use your device to make a purchase.

The stores use the necessary card readers to accurately facilitate these transactions. A claim that cannot be shared by other stores across the US. Allowing users to pay with various digital wallets, traditional payment methods, or CVS gift cards.

Self-Checkout and Online

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Alternatively, CVS Self-Checkout even accepts Apple Pay as a payment option, which makes its use even easier. When using the self-checkout service, users are able to execute the transaction on their Apple devices. Moreover, the rise in contactless card readers makes this possible. Even when operating in the self-checkout line.

Apple Pay can be used with either Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your preference. Once again, bringing more ease of use to users when shopping at the popular chain.

Another popular question is whether or not the online avenue at CVS stores also accepts Apple Pay. The answer is yes yet again. When shopping on the CVS website, you are able to utilize Apple Pay at checkout. Specifically, you will be asked to select your payment method. From there, you simply have to choose the Apple Pay option and complete the transaction steps.

The Perks


Alternatively, one aspect of using Apple Pay frequently is the potential for perks. Moreover, there are also perks to using the payment method in the pharmaceutical chain.

CVS already offers cashback services up to a $35 maximum limit. Subsequently, that is no different with Apple Pay; however, there is a small caveat. You can get cash back using the digital payment method, but you have to first have a Discover card added to your specific account.

Thereafter, you will receive the cashback reward when you select the specific Discover card option at checkout. Moreover, the application will ask if you would like cash back at the eligible option for the specific transaction.

The Discover Card allows users to earn up to $120 daily, incentivizing the use of the card with the app. Moreover, a benefit of utilizing these various payment methods is the specified reward for consistent usage. Apple Pay offers a host of benefits to people who often use their digital wallet for payment.


The growing prominence of Apple Pay has widened the variety of stores that accept it. Subsequently, users have more options than ever before as far as where they can use the payment method. CVS is among that growing list and presents a necessary addition to the stores. Allowing users to make health-related purchases with the benefits of their Apple Pay account.