Does Dollar General Do Money Orders?

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A staple of the global financial sector has become its embrace of progression and technological advancement. That idea has meant that the market is inundated with differing payment options, ranging from the traditional to digital. Subsequently, we delve into whether the popular retail store, Dollar General, does money orders.

Dollar General remains one of the most popular stores of its kind, offering inexpensive options for consumers throughout the United States. Conversely, money orders are perceived as an outdated form of payment. However, it remains more secure and specific than cash, without the bouncing potential of checks.

So, amid the modern landscape, we break down if the retail chain utilizes the payment option. Moreover, we explore what such a process would look like, and why it still has value within the modern economy.

Does Dollar General do Money Orders?

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One of the most popular stores in the United States, there are more than 19,000 Dollar General locations in the country. Moreover, the store experienced a massive boom over the last year, more than doubling the amounts of locations since 2022, according to Statista.

Alternatively, money orders are an interesting financial payment option that has declined in recent years. The form of payment allows an individual to send money or make a payment securely. Specifically, it provides interesting alternatives to both cash and checks; and even digitized options.

So, does Dollar General do cash money orders? The answer is a little more convoluted than a simple yes or no. In the traditional sense, the store does not sell cash money orders. However, they do provide money transfer services in all of their stores through Western Union.

For that offering, Dollar General customers access the Western Union online application, or website. Thereafter, they will be able to both send and receive funds in a Dollar General store. The process is rather quick and easy, only after they engage with the Western Union app to facilitate the process.

How to Do It

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In order to begin the money transfer process between both entities, you will navigate to the Western Union app or website, as previously stated. Then, you will select the “Pay Cash In-Store” option. From there, you follow the instructions that would then be displayed to you. However, remember to specify the amount that you wish to transfer through the process.

From there, you are given 12 hours to pay the transfer amount at the closest Dollar General location. Moreover, it is vital to remember that the services have a sending limit of $800. If you wanted to exceed that amount, you would be in the presence of a Western Union Agent.

Conversely, you are also given the option to pick up money transfers at the nearest Dollar General location. In order to achieve this, you will have to select the “pick up cash” option that should be present as you are facilitating the transfer on the Western Union application.

In order to successfully pick up the cash, you will be required to have two important pieces of information to show to the Dollar General shore. Firstly, you would need a valid ID when attempting to pick up the cash. Secondly, you will need the Money Transfer Control Number to conclude the transaction.