Does QuikTrip Do Money Orders?

Joshua Ramos
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The ever-evolving financial sector has presented seemingly endless ways to purchase things. Indeed, the modern economy has developed both digital and physical options for acquiring or selling items and is changing by the day. But what about money orders? Let’s explore their relevancy in a rather small and specific way by asking if QuikTrip does money orders.

QuikTrip is a popular chain of convenience stores that has more than 1000 stores, with more opening consistently. The chain is mostly based in Oklahoma and has a strong presence in the midwest, south, and western regions of the United States.

Alternatively, a money order is a rather overlooked form of payment. The form of payment can be more secure than cash and function similarly to a check. Specifically, you would pay the value of a money order and any associated fees. Subsequently, the individual receiving the money order would take it to their bank and cash it for the intended amount.

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Does QuikTrip Do Money Orders?

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For many modern-day consumers, money orders are perceived as out of date. In the world of digital currencies and credit cards, this form of payment has nearly fallen out of favor. Yet, there still remains a contingent that believes in the overarching value of the payment option. Mostly because it provides valuable alternatives when cash or checks do not survive.

So, does one of the most popular convenience stores in the US, QuikTrip, do money orders? The answer is yes. However, there is some necessary explanation when divulging the process by which QuickTrip utilizes money orders. That is because the store does not cash Western Union money orders, but sells them.

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Indeed, a money order is a good option for individuals who do not have a bank account. Moreover, these payment methods are lauded for their security. They are more specific than cash but do not pose the same risks as traditional checks that have the potential to bounce

So, let’s delve a little bit deeper into the money-order operation that takes place at the popular chain of stores. Moreover, we will delve into any information that is required to be known before seeking such a payment option from the store.

Things to Remember

More secure than cash and more reliable than traditional checks, we break down whether or not QuikTrip does money orders
Source: QuikTrip

Firstly, it is important to note that QuikTrip sells, but does not cash, Western Union money orders. Moreover, such money orders are payable only in cash. Therefore, you are unable to purchase a money order from the store with any form of credit card, debit card, gift card, or other form of digitized payment.

Additionally, there are some fees involved in purchasing a money order from QuickTrip. Specifically, you will be charged a $1.50 fee for every $300. Subsequently, a $500 money order would incur a $500 fee altogether.

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Money order offerings are one of the ways that QuikTrip has been excelling in its financial offerings to customers. Indeed, they also feature rewards programs in the form of QT cards, gift cards, and even feel management cards.

Interstingly, QuikTrip offers prospective customers QT credit cards. Altogether, the store has embraced its vast array of digital offerings to its consumer base. Moreover, their ability and willingness to sell money orders to those same consumers is a key point of emphasis for that very ability.