Does Jack Dorsey Have Something Against Shiba Inu?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Reddit/Bloomberg

Shytoshi Kusama, one of the developers of Shiba Inu, took to Twitter to express his disappointment in the fact that his account has not been verified yet. He hinted that Jack Dorsey’s dislike of Shiba Inu may be a reason for Kusama not being verified as of yet.

Kusama then went on to ask Elon Musk, who is now the majority shareholder of Twitter, if his profile could be verified as he has almost close to a million followers (784.5K, to be exact).

Kusama further said that he would only use his Twitter to discuss Shiba Inu ( and to speak about its metaverse.

It is rather strange that Kusama’s Twitter profile does not yet have the verified tick, given that he is a well-known figure in the crypto community, and also a figurehead in the Shiba Army space.

Does Jack Dorsey really have animosity against Shiba Inu?

Well, I would suppose, no he does not. However, people can sometimes interpret things differently than they are.

For example, when Shiba Inu was finally listed on Robinhood, the community was ecstatic. When Robinhood asked the community what they would comment now, Jack Dorsey replied to the listing question with a “?”, leading some to presume that he may not be happy about the listing.

However, this is a question of perspective. Dorsey, in my opinion, does not care much for projects like Shiba Inu. Although he is a proponent of cryptocurrencies in general, he probably is not a fan of SHIB.

Moreover, Dorsey has, more often than not, also been skeptical about Web3 projects. He has, at multiple times, spoken against it. But this could be because Twitter is a centralized application, and Web3 plans to head towards decentralized applications. This could be something he is not looking forward to.