Does Kona Ice Take Apple Pay?

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The ever-changing finance landscape has seen digital payment options increase in prevalence over the last several years. Indeed, alternatives to traditional options have surged but have complicated the overall finance landscape in terms of knowing what establishments use what methods. In this guide, we are going to answer if Kona Ice takes Apple Pay.

Of these newly established payment methods, none have been as popular as Apple Pay. The immense popularity of Apple products has been the driving factor of their success. Yet, it is their interconnectedness that has further cemented the payment option as a critical part of the ecosystem that customers take advantage of.

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Alternatively, Kona Ice is a food truck establishment that delivers fantastic shaved ice on the go. It provides a wide variety of flavors, and is available on the go, with the product only being available through the food truck system.

Now, let’s answer whether or not Kona Ice locations accept Apple Pay from their customers.

Does Kona Ice Take Apple Pay?

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As stated previously, Kona Ice is a different kind of food service option. It’s not like something like Taco Bell or Dairy Queen, where you can enter a traditional establishment. Instead, they deliver their goods through food trucks that travel to crowds of individuals.

Yet, it is important to know what payment methods are acceptable if you do run into one of their traveling locations. Many consumers may not have traditional cash on hand and could be more inclined to purchase one of their treats if they know they accept the customer’s preferred payment option.

Luckily for many customers, Kona Ice does accept Apple Pay. Indeed, the company took to its Instagram account to announce that they do accept contactless payment options from customers. Moreover, the post listed Apple Pay as a method that is accepted by the food truck company.