Does Rite Aid Do Money Orders?

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For the finance sector, the progression in technology has become a vital aspect. Indeed, the exploration of digital finance has taken over the market as a whole, bringing about a newfound revolution. Amidst that, and the existence of a plethora of payment options, we delve into a classic form of payment, and where to utilize it. Specifically, we answer if Rite Aid does money orders.

Money orders have long been a staple in the United States payment offerings. Although they have fallen out of favor in recent times, they differ greatly from cash or check offerings. Indeed, they provide greater specificity than traditional cash. Moreover, they are more secure than a check, as they are traditionally funded in advance.

Rite Aid has remained a tremendously popular convenience store chain in the country, presenting a plethora of retail options to the modern consumer. Currently, there remain more than 2,000 stores in the country. With that many locations, and its brand recognition remaining, let’s break down if money order transactions can be completed at the store.

Does Rite Aid Sell Money Orders?

A payment system more specific than cash and more secure than checks, we break down if you Rite Aid sells or cash's money orders
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The combination of Rite Aid’s popularity and the potential benefits of money orders have led the two to be a potentially perfect match. So, let’s break down if Rite Aid sells the payment method and various factors that you will need to know in relation to that fact.

The answer is Rite Aid does in fact sell money orders. Specifically, they offer the service in a collaborative effort with Western Union. The financial institution has long collaborated with retail stores that offer money order services to its plethora of consumers. Alongside Rite Aid, Wester Union offers similar features at Walmart and Dollar General locations.

Every money order that is purchased at a Rite Aid store is available for the cost of $0.90. However, delving deeper into the specifics of such an offering, there remain some limits to the overall process that takes place at the store.

One of these limits to keep note of is the $500 limit per purchase. Moreover, there remains a daily limit of $2,999 for all money order purchases at varying Rite Aid stores across the country.

Things to Remember

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Now that we know that Rite Aid does sell money orders, let’s delve into some things that are important to remember. Firstly, it is vital to make note of the limits previously mentioned. This will allow you to have a greater perspective of the restrictions to your prospective money order purchase at the retail store.

Indeed, Rite Aid sells Western Union money orders, with customers available to make purchases through all Rite Aid locations during regular business hours. Moreover, the process to buy one should be rather simple after you locate the customer service desk. Therefore, if you are seeking to make a money order purchase, go to that desk and speak to a customer service representative.

Additionally, the presence of a close Rite Aid location is important. However, it is also incredibly simple with the modern tools available to use. Specifically, Rite Aid has an online store locator, that allows you to find the nearest location. Subsequently, you will be able to then identify the store hours, and when to best make your money order purchase.

Does Rite Aid Cash Money Orders?

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Although Rite Aid does sell money orders, the store does not actually cash the payment method. Money orders are a two-way process, that an entity can both sell or cash. Rite Aid, unfortunately, does not cash the money order. However, the process for cashing such a money order is rather simple.

Because the process is done in partnership with Western Union, money orders that are purchased at Rite Aid can be cashed at any Western Union location. Indeed, this is also available at any 24-hour check-cashing stores or banks.

The cashing of money orders does not take place at any of Western Union’s partnerships. What this means is that these payment offerings are not available to be cashed at sites like Safeway, Publix, or Kroger.

Money Order Fees

Another key aspect of purchasing money orders is understanding the fees that can encure by utilizing them. For Rite Aid specifically, customers will pay a money order fee of $0.90 per order. Subsequently, the store employs a $500 limit for every order that is placed. Additionally, up to six money orders can be made per day with the same fee in place for each.

The fees for money order purchases vary based on location. For example, the fee to place a money order at a store like 7/11 would only be about $0.65, and the same for other Western Union collaborators. Moreover, Rite Aid also has a limit on money orders, so bit purchases like furniture or electronics will need multiple money orders purchased. The combined limit is $2,999.