Does SafeAssign Detect ChatGPT?

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Over the last year, the prevalence of generative AI programs has been undeniable. The technology sector has seen the mainstream utilization of these tools reach renewed heights. Subsequently, this guide will break down if SafeAssign can detect ChatGPT content.

Of all the programs that have increased in popularity and usage, none have experienced the meteoric rise of ChatGPT. The OpenAI-created system became a viral sensation in 2023. Moreover, it provided an easy way for people to interact with generative AI in a brand-new way.

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However, what was key to the program’s growth in prominence was its remarkable capabilities. Within the system, ChatGPT provided some immensely impressive results for generative AI technology to this point. Some have argued that the results of the program have become too good.

Indeed, its prevalence and capabilities have increased concern over the ability to differentiate human-created content and those developed by artificial intelligence. Subseuqnlety, this guide will specifically observe SafeAssign, and answer if it can detect work created by ChatGPT.

What is SafeAssign?

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Within the growth of generative AI, a host of entities have sought to create programs that can detect plagiarism. Because these AI systems can often take content that is already written, many have seen this as a crucial step in the overall integration of this AI technology in modern life.

SafeAssign is one of the plagiarism detection tools that was created for this purpose. Indeed, the technology is created and implemented to verify if the content created is original or not. Moreover, it works in analyzing the content that is placed in front of it.

Specifically, SafeAssign analysis seeks to identify the similarities between the content it is observing and other content already created. The program has a database or resources that allow it to check the originality of the content. Moreover, it can search online through various search engines, enhancing its accuracy.

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This program has increased in popularity due to the rise in generative AI programming. Moreover, it has been used increasingly by educational institutions to verify student submissions. Indeed, it is critical to discover what students are relying on ChatGPt and similar AI programs for their academic endeavors.

This online service is offered through BlackBoard, which is a popular service used by teachers and schools. Moreover, it has also been embraced by various other schools and academic settings for curtailing AI usage on school assignments.

Can it Detect ChatGPT?

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Although the answer is certainly nuanced, SafeAssign cannot detect ChatGPT. Specifically, SafeASsign is not reliable in its ability to recognize what content has been created by the generative AI system.

The program is utilized to detect whether or not the work created by the student is original. Therefore, it is unable to consistently detect what is created by AI and not by a student. Indeed, the overall inability of SafeAssign to reliably detect ChatGPT-generated work is a function of ChatGPT’s overall capabilities.

The OpenAI program is not simply regurgitating and producing copywritten content, it is a generative AI system that is sharing what it has learned. Therefore, the SafeAssign methodology of checking originality is less effective. Specifically, because OpenAI can create things that are original, but informed by what it has learned in its training.

This answer most certainly creates even more questions, however, as it leads to concern over the eventual usage of generative AI. Students using ChatGPT to complete school assignments is certainly an inappropriate usage of the program. However, how can we be certain of our ability to detect this AI-generated content? More specifically, can anything detect what is created by ChatGPT?

Can Anything?

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Although SafeAssign is not reliable in detecting ChatGPT content, steps are being taken to do such. Indeed, one of the firms that has taken decisive action in helping to detect ChatGPT content is OpenAI.

Indeed, OpenAI is currently developing programs that can detect AI content for situations which SafeAssign has been used for. Specifically, these AI classifiers will help not only protect against plagiarism but also against misuse of the system in certain avenues.

For the academic realm, this will be crucial, as will it be for other instances where Ai generated technology is not appropriate. Although this technology is currently being developed, there is no timeframe for when it will be available or at its most effective state. Until then, nothing can be reliable in identifying AI-generated content consistently.