Does Walmart Take Google Pay?

Joshua Ramos
Source: The Economic Times

Few consumer retail locations are more prevalent in the United States than Walmart. Moreover, as the landscape for digital payment applications continues to grow, does Walmart accept the Google Pay service at its locations? 

Understanding what payment methods a store accepts has become a vital part of shopping in today’s world. Specifically, with so many different applications and store options, you have to be sure that your preferred payment option is acceptable at the shopping location you’re visiting. 

So, let’s answer if Walmart accepts Google Pay

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?

Does Walmart Take Google Pay service?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not take Google Pay. Moreover, the large retail chain stopped accepting the payment option in all its stores beginning in 2022. The decision was a disappointing one for most users of all digital payment platforms, like Google Pay or Android Pay. 

Additionally, reports have suggested that the massive consumer retail chain has no plans to reinstate the acceptance of Google Pay methods in its stores. Conversely, the reasoning behind the lack of acceptance of the digital payment method is that Walmart has launched its very own digital wallet, Walmart Pay. 

Although the decision is certain to be unfortunate for users of these payment applications, it is understandable for the retail consumer chain. So, let’s explore a little bit about why Walmart has decided against offering the service in its locations.

The Introduction of Walmart Pay

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For users of popular digital payment apps, not being able to use their preferred service at Walmart is unfortunate. Mainly because of the vast service that the store provides. From in-store product offerings that rival any consumer retail chain at affordable prices to different user services including grocery pickup and delivery. 

Walmart has been at the forefront of creating a positive environment for its consumers. Thus, the lack of integrated digital payments is concerning. However, it was a decision made by the company to eliminate third-party digital wallets. Subsequently, it encouraged its customers to use its digital wallet instead.

If shoppers are not able to use applications like Google Pay in its stores, they will be far more likely to opt into using the Walmart Pay applications. Additionally, these users will likely accept using the native digital wallet of the store if they already value the various benefits of digital payment applications in general. 

Then, Walmart devised a way to offer contactless payment options to its users without the need to accept third-party options. Presenting a situation where the store can benefit in a way that it would not have been able to otherwise. 

Alternatively. Walmart has partnered with Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). Moreover, they have a contractual obligation over the mobile payment system that provides the Walmart Pay functionality. 

Specifically, this agreement encourages Walmart to avoid using alternative payment options, so they can opt out of paying a 2% credit card fee by allowing customers to pay with other digital wallets.

Walmart Pay Benefits

Source: NFC World

Although there is certainly a disadvantage to the store not accepting the Google Pay service, let’s look at what benefits come with the Walmart native wallet. Although there is certainly not the far-reaching capability of a third-party wallet you can use anywhere, there are some clear perks to the service.

Specifically, you can use Walmart Pay on any smartphone device. This is because the system utilized a QR code payment system. Subsequently, it does not rely on your possession of a specific product in the way that something like Apple Pay would. 

Additionally, you can get cash back by using Walmart Pay to make purchases at the store. Moreover, by using the self-checkout, you can link rewards to your specific account. So, if you are an avid Walmart shopper, you can earn rewards for your loyalty and purchases at the locations.

You can also get different services offered through Walmart Pay, such as reward points or gift cards. Moreover, the payment method also connects to your debit or credit cards, adding another benefit of a digital payment option to Walmart’s rendition of the offering. 

Walmart Pay does provide many of the benefits that you would find in most digital payment services. Such as security and the ability to shop without needing physical cash or a card. The ease and convenience of digital payment are found in this application. Conversely, it only requires you to shop at a Walmart location. 


Does Walmart Take Google Pay service?
Source: Walmart

Walmart accepts a host of payment methods in its stores. These include cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit and debit cards. Moreover, it accepts Walmart credit cards, gift cards, and the previously mentioned Walmart Pay. 

Alternatively, the retail chain does not accept the Google Pay service, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay for the reasons previously stated. However, if you are a consistent Walmart shopper, embracing its digital wallet could be a positive.