Doge-1 Moon Mission Ready for Launch With Space X in Early 2022


Plans to launch Doge-1 to the moon will materialize in the first quarter of 2022. This mission to the moon will be funded entirely using the meme-based dogecoin cryptocurrency. In addition, the mission has involved three entities to partner towards its success.

A Dive Into Doge-1’s Archives

On 9TH May 2021, Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) announced the Doge-1 mission to the moon. The company had established that the mission would materialize early next year. Most importantly, SpaceX was termed as an essential partner for the task.

Tom Ochinero, the vice president of SpaceX, reacted to the unveiling in May. The “mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce,” he said.

Who Are the Partner Entities?

Two blockchain entities and one manufacturer company power this mission to the moon. The two Blockchain companies are; decentralized finance incubator ZenX and smart exchange ecosystem Unizen.  Unizen will launch and build  Doge-1 alongside the other two companies.

The companies will launch a 40-kilogram (approximately 88 pounds) CubeSat to provide a new use case for cryptocurrencies

Coupled with the other company, involved in this process are Elon Musk’s SpaceX and GEC. Musk will provide the SpaceX falcon 9 rocket to fuel the CubeSat into the galaxy. GEC, on the other hand, is the manufacturing company of Doge-1 mission.

The CubeSat 

A CubeSat is a satellite box that is square and weighs about 1KG. With regards to the mission into space, Cubesats have already been employed. There are over 1600  

Cubesats have been launched into space.

The uniqueness of Doge-1’s CubeSats to these previous ones is the distance of travel. Doge-1 one CubeSat will travel much further from earth than previous CubeSats.

GEC’s CubeSats will land in a “stable lunar orbit” to gather data. Consequently, Lunar-spatial intelligence will collect the data using sensors and cameras and submit it to GEC for examination. 

How Far Will Doge-1 Reach?

Even though we don’t know the exact departure date, we know how high Doge-1 will reach. Unlike earlier CubeSats, Doge-1 CubeSats will travel 250 000 miles away from earth into lunar orbit. 

The predecessor, CubeSats, has traveled just about 100miles to 1200 miles above the earth’s surface. This mission will set the Geometric Energy Corporation in competition with NASA’s CAPSTONE.

The CAPSTONE is the latest invention by NASA to enable a CubeSat to reach the moon. However, NASA has been postponing the launch till the latest predetermined launch set for March 2022. Due to this report, Doge-1 is more likely to take the trophy for ‘The First cubesat Launch to the moon.’

The Relationship Between Doge-1 and Crypto World

Different features merge Doge-1 to crypto market activities.

Firstly, the mission is aided by a partnership with two Blockchain companies. Not to mention, dogecoin fully funds the entire project.

Lastly, owing to its name, dogecoin, this mission will be the first crypto and meme to reach the moon.