Dogecoin Creator Accuses DOGE Influencer Matt Wallace of Rug Pull

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Coinmarketbag

In a recent Telegram AMA, Matt Wallace, a prominent Dogecoin (DOGE) influencer, was denounced by the community for attempting to swindle investors. The video of the drama that followed was shared on Twitter, and Dogecoin founder, Billy Markus, retweeted it with his take. 

Markus had already called out Wallace in the past, for attempting to use the “Doge” name to start his own cryptocurrency, named Accept Doge. Obviously, Markus and the Doge community did not take this with a smile and pushed for it to not happen. 

Wallace then went on to call his project Accept Crypto, and its launch was scheduled for the 29th of March 2022. However, the launch was an absolute disaster. The project was instantly rugged and led to a drama that definitely belongs on TV. 

In the video shared on Twitter, Wallace can be heard defending his project, while another investor is repeatedly calling him out on his lies. We can hear the investor saying,

“No one believes you!”

In the video, Wallace claims that the team working with him on this project is Solidity Finance. And they may be facing a lawsuit from some of the investors. 

Dogecoin founder responds to the fiasco  

Markus, via Twitter, said that he does not enjoy calling out scammers, as it leads to harassment and death threats. In his own words,

“Evil is evil.”

But for this case, he had to take a stand as Dogecoin’s (DOGE) reputation was on the line. He says that if the community had not taken action, this disaster would have been called the “Accept Doge” disaster. Markus further went on to educate his followers on how to not get scammed and in his opinion,

“ Don’t buy sh*t token in 2022”

For people who say that Dogecoin itself is a “sh*t token”, Markus begs to differ. He says that Dogecoin is a satirical cryptocurrency made for sillies and was launched 8 years ago. 

For those asking what is a “sh*t token”? Markus says it’s every BSC coin ever made and every meme coin out there. Wallace has posted an “apology”, if one can call it that, on Twitter this morning.

Hence, this is another reminder, that investors should be wary of where they invest capital. Always remember to do your own research.