Dogecoin (DOGE) Forecasted To Reach 150 Rupees in India

Juhi Mirza
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Dogecoin is one of the OG crypto tokens, possessing a worldwide appeal. From time to time, the token has been endorsed and backed by Tesla supremo Elon Musk, which adds more appeal to the coin and its future path trajectories.

It wasn’t long ago when Tesla chief Elon Musk was gushing over Dogecoin’s value, exploring ways through which Doge could be embedded on X as a potential payment option. However, apart from being Musk’s favorite, Dogecoin has always boasted strong and loyal community sentiment worldwide, rooting for its stellar price recovery and pace.

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Dogecoin Forecast For 2024

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The cryptocurrency mania, especially in meme currencies, is slowly gripping India. Meme currencies are gaining rapid momentum in India, with Doge leading the rally as one of the original meme tokens to explore and interact with. Per Flitpay, Dogecoin may continue its path to establish a robust price threshold by trading near $0.46.

The platform is predicting a level of $0.46, which roughly means INR 38.03 after the Bitcoin Halving event is over. Halving jitters may unleash a new price pedestal for Doge to climb through, helping the token average between Rs 12 and Rs 38 by the end of 2024.

“Considering all these factors, our Dogecoin price prediction for 2024 in USD is $0.15 (minimum), $0.46 (maximum), and $0.27 (average). If we talk about the Dogecoin price prediction in INR for 2024, it is 12.5 INR (minimum), 38.33 INR (minimum), and 22.50 INR (minimum).”

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When Will Dogecoin Breach 150 Indian Rupees In Value?

With the surging popularity and pace of Dogecoin, 2025 seems to be the year when Doge ascends to gain the maximum traction and output. The platform shared how historical data cycles suggest that the token has taken off mostly post-halving cycles. The halving jitters are expected to support Doge post-2024, helping it climb new price thresholds.

“The year after Bitcoin’s halving year has historically proved the best for Dogecoin. 2021 is an excellent example of when Doge’s price rose from $0.008882 to $0.5697 in less than 5 months. DOGE investors expect similar price movements in their favorite meme coin in 2025, the year after the next Bitcoin halving. Due to that reason, 2025 can be an extremely bullish year for DOGE.”

Additionally, Flitpay predicts Doge to climb past the 150 INR price threshold by the end of 2025. The platform expects Doge to trade between INR 57 and INR 150, averaging around INR 72 in 2025.


“Considering all these scenarios in mind, our Dogecoin price prediction for 2025 is $1.72 (maximum), $0.81 (minimum), and $0.65 (average). The same in INR is: INR 143.33 (maximum), INR 66.67 (minimum), and INR 54.17 (average).”