Dogecoin Elite: Here’s How Much Doge You Need to Become the Top 1% Holder

Juhi Mirza
Dogecoin placed on a US dollar note
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Dogecoin has rapidly been rising this bull season. With talks of the future of Dogecoin in the mix, crypto has lately been a nucleus of trading activity. According to CoinMarketCap, Doge is up by nearly 34% in the last month. Trading at $0.18, Doge’s value is poised to increase in the future owing to its robust meme currency status.

Dogecoin’s value is largely driven by its solid user base, which helps the coin establish its value proposition. With a steady future path ahead, various crypto platforms have already forecast a bright future price ascent and progression for Dogecoin.

The surge to accumulate Dogecoin has already begun. Here’s how much doge an average investor would need to become a 1% top doge Elite. 

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Dogecoin Elites: The Top 1% Club

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The cryptocurrency world is full of enigmatic elements. Being a realm of finance, the factors of status and prestige have followed their course into the sector. The term Dogecoin Elites simply refers to the top 1% of doge holders, driving the token’s momentum ahead. 

Per a recent post on X, nearly 38,371 wallets currently hold 100,000 Doge tokens, making them the top 1% of Doge holders, aka the Doge elites. 

Doge’s rising popularity has been a testament to its strong potential as a robust crypto coin. Launching a meme currency, Doge quickly became one of the leading coins to sweep the crypto space, reporting staggering statistics and token value. 

Dogecoin April Price Forecast

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Source: Watcher Guru

With notable price dips and surges, Dogecoin continues to weather the ongoing cryptocurrency market storm while battling its competitors.

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According to crypto analytics platform CoinCodex, the token may undergo a minor price drop in April before breaking into a bull run phase. 

“Based on these Dogecoin projections, DOGE will be changing hands at $0.190594 on April 9, 2024, losing -1.13% in the process.”

However, Changelly predicts that Doge will record a spike of 5% in April 2024. 

“Based on the price fluctuations of Dogecoin at the beginning of 2023, crypto experts expect the average DOGE rate of $$0.205 in April 2024. Its minimum and maximum prices can be expected at $0.188 and $0.222, respectively.”