Dogecoin: Elon Musk’s Tesla To Enable DOGE Payments

Vinod Dsouza
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Elon Musk confirmed in the latest press conference that Tesla will enable Dogecoin payments shortly. He explained that DOGE will become one of the official payment methods to buy Tesla soon. However, he did not specify a tentative time about when Tesla will enable Dogecoin payments.

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The billionaire was speaking at the ‘We Are Giga’ event in Texas and openly expressed his support for Dogecoin. He spoke on stage in front of hundreds of people and called “Dogecoin to the moon,” as the crowd roared and cheered.

Tesla Will Enable Dogecoin Payments: Elon Musk

Elon Musk says Tesla merch can be paid with Dogecoin
Source: Twitter

The billionaire explained that he supports Dogecoin as it is the currency of the poor people. He stressed that rich people buy Bitcoin, but regular guys buy Dogecoin. He called DOGE “people’s crypto” and supports the meme currency as regular people look up to it.

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“When can you buy a Tesla with Dogecoin?” asked an attendee to Musk. The entrepreneur said, “At some point, I think we should enable that.” He added, “A lot of people don’t know why I support Dogecoin. While I was walking around the factory in Tesla, a lot of regular guys said ‘Hey can you support DOGE’. Even at SpaceX, people working at factories, regular guys said ‘Please support DOGE’.

“I was like, you know what, DOGE is people’s crypto. I will support it. A lot of rich people support Bitcoin, but I will support Dogecoin. You know what, Dogecoin is for you (the regular people) and I will support it,” he said to the cheering crowd.

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In conclusion, Dogecoin could soon be an official mode of payment to buy Tesla cars in the future. Additionally, Musk strengthened his support for DOGE and believes in the prospects of the meme cryptocurrency. The billionaire entrepreneur ended the speech, “Dogecoin to the moon”.