Dogecoin founders publish a Trailmap for the first time

Namrata Shukla
Source: Unsplash

The Dogecoin memes resulted in the popularity of the token taking over the internet and the crypto industry by storm. The digital asset was returning 3,128% gains year-to-date to investors. With such heavy gains, its founders were also taking its currency part seriously as they shared a roadmap for the project.

Not to forget, DOGE was introduced in 2013 as a joke over Bitcoin, but things are getting pretty serious. Cofounder, Billy Markus shared in a tweet where even he expressed surprise of formulating a roadmap instead of “drawing of a road.”

Dogecoin Roadmap Trailmap

With a decentralized vision, the founders want to make DOGE a currency that can be used in any part of the world. Sound similar to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’s wish to make the meme coin “the future of currency.”

The aim of the founders was to push the utility of the coin “over technical brilliance.” The manifesto added,

“Essentially the more utility the more useful, the more useful the more adoption, the more adoption the more Dogecoin gains traction as a serious universal currency for people everywhere.”

Comparing DOGE to age-old currency Denarius minted by Romans, Markus stated that Dogecoin was on a similar trajectory, “yet this time it’s not the face of the Emperor controlling a centralized currency, but a friendly Doge welcoming all to a decentralized and liberated currency for the people.”

The Times They Are A-Changing

Utility remained the central focus of the project with a number of changes coming its way. To begin with, there will be a completely new design for the website. It will be adding more projects to advance Dogecoin adoption.

Among these new projects were Libdogecoin and GigaWallet. As per the information shared by the cofounder, they were looking at early integrators and will help them in laying a solid foundation. Meanwhile, other projects will target improving transaction throughput and scale.

As Dogecoin moves forward with a new vision, the co-founder wanted the community to remember,

“Dogecoin belongs to y’all. Don’t treat it like a company with stockholders. You can contribute!”