Dogecoin Price Predictions: Could DOGE Hit $12 In The Future?

Can Dogecoin (DOGE) Hit All-Time High in March 2024?

Many experts are bullish on Dogecoin, seeing the token’s current rally over the past two weeks as a sign of an incoming surge. Near-term predictions are just as important when analyzing a coin’s performance, but it’s also intriguing to look at how experts predict tokens will perform years from now. In terms of Dogecoin, predictions are largely optimistic, and see the growing hype around cryptocurrency as a catalyst for Doge to explode in the future.

At press time, DOGE is trading at just $0.16, so predictions for DOGE reaching $1 are extremely optimistic and distant. However, one prediction is especially bullish: the $12 mark. Investors are questioning whether a pump to $12 could come true after a TradingView trader put forth a compelling price prediction.

TradingView user Crypto Kinfolk noted two previous major price run-ups. According to the trader, DOGE saw “over 21,000% gains between 2015 and 2017”, before “touching over 50,000% gains during the 2020/2021 crypto bull market.” The market watcher added, “Each cycle DOGE has nearly mimicked its prior cycles bear market, accumulation period, and eventually, a mind-melting bull run. We have completed the bear market and are currently breaking out of accumulation.”

What Does The Path Look Like For Dogecoin To Reach $12?

Source: WatcherGuru

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According to Crypto Kinfolk, he is targeting DOGE to reach $4.20, $10.10, and $12 in its distant bullish phase. With the meme coin market facing an intense faceoff as new meme coins continue to gain momentum, DOGE may have to encounter a few hurdles before it amps up its price level. However, the asset hasn’t been the top meme-coin on the market for the past decade for little reason. It has a feverish community of supporters backing it and has a history of being a top-10 cryptocurrency asset consistently. Its $23.23B market cap ranks it 8th amongst all digital assets.

Dogecoin has had little movement in the last week, gaining less than 1% in seven days and sinking the same amount in the last 24 hours.