Dogwifhat: WIF Breaches $2.40, How High Will It Go? 

Juhi Mirza
Can Dogwifhat (WIF) Hit $10 After Bitcoin Halving?
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The Solana-inspired meme coin DogWifHat, popularly referred to as WIF, continues to surprise traders and crypto enthusiasts. 

WIF has projected a consistent positive price hike amidst the recent bull market run, solidifying its position as one of the leading meme coins in the market. 

The coin has surged more than 30% in the last seven days, stabilizing at $2.10 at press time.

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Dogwifhat Price Prediction for 2024

With its stellar performance and momentum, WIF continues to draw global attention. The token is driven largely by strong community sentiment and has become quite lucrative for investors and traders alike. 

Per the analysis presented by Coinpedia, Dogwifhat is expected to continue the rising price trajectory, with minor sways and downturns in its pricing. 

2024 could prove to be a monumental year for WIF, as Coinpedia forecasts its price may breach the $4 mark. However, the coin must continue to leverage the current market momentum to scale higher than its normal price threshold. 

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The platform further adds details on the repercussions that WIFs may undergo during the Bitcoin Halving event. 

“If the Dogwifhat (WIF) project releases impactful updates and announces major collaborations, the price of WIF with a potential surge could shoot to a maximum of $4.12, following the “Bitcoin Halving” event, which is expected to take place during Q2.”

Coinpedia later predicts that the WIF minimum price value may fall to $1.45, with the average price settling at $2.78 in 2024. 

“Contrarily, if the protocol experiences a negative reversal or fails to commit to its expectations, this could knock the price down to $1.45. Successively, the average price can settle at $2.78.”

In the meantime, WIF’s popularity has been skyrocketing to new heights. The crypto has recently flipped Floki Inu in market capitalization metrics. The token is down 4% at press time, trading at $2.09.