Donald Trump NFT Collection Sells Out

Joshua Ramos
Source: MarketWatch

The Donald Trump non-fungible token (NFT) digital trading card collection officially sold out earlier today. Additionally, data from OpenSea has shown the NFTs have grown in value since their debut.

The data showcases a trading volume is over 1,000 ETH, or around $1,200,000. The floor price of the collection has reached around .125 ETH, the equivalent of around $150. Moreover, that number is exponentially more than its arrival price of $99.

Donald Trump Releases His First NFT Collection

Trump NFTs Sell Out

The highly touted Trump NFT digital card collection is officially sold out as of today. The non-fungible token set was first announced yesterday and is now seeing its prices surge amidst the sell-out.

According to Coindesk, there are varying degrees of prices for the various tokens. The report notes that the one-of-ones in the collection, the rarest of the NFTs, were selling at upwards of 6 ETH per unit. Those 1,000 rare tokens comprise only 2.4% of the 45,000 unit collection according to that same report.

Source: CNN

Furthermore, one of the most popular Trump NFTs in the collection has reached incredible price points. The asset in question, a one-of-one depiction of former President Trump before the Statue of Liberty whilst holding a torch, was listed at 20 ETH. That number is equal to $24,000 USD.

The $99 digital trading cards made a plethora of headlines following the announcement yesterday. As the 45,000 NFTs featured an array of imagery depicting the 45th President of the United States. The set was minted on Polygon and was first announced on Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social.

The purchase of the NFTs could be executed using Ether, or fiat currency, as well as certain purchases prompting other benefits. For example, the purchase of 45 NFTs would give the customer a ticket to a gala dinner with Trump himself. That purchase would cost the customer a mere $4455.