Dubai Cafe Now Accepts SHIB and Other Crypto for Payments

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Dubai Cafe Now Accepts SHIB and Other Crypto for Payments
Source: The Cryptonomist

SHIB, along with various other crypto, will be accepted as payments at a Dubai-based cafe called the Bake N More.

The cafe is the latest business entity to enter the headspace by accepting Shiba Inu and various other cryptocurrencies. The payment network of Bake N More will be powered by the Mixin Network, which is a decentralized network for digital asset transfer.

The platform will allow the customers to pay in shiba Inu, bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, and tether.

Mohammad Al Hammadi, the owner of Bake n More, stated that the firm is presently paying employees in fiat money, but he did not rule out the possibility of paying employees in cryptos in the future.

“In the future, we will not limit ourselves.” “We currently store the digital currency and will work with relevant parties to convert it into fiat,” he added.

A global SHIB adoption on the rise

SlingTV, American Cancer Society, Newegg, Menufy, Carolina Hurricanes, and Twitch are among the prominent firms that now accept SHIB.

Shiba Inu stated earlier this year that it is preparing to launch its own ‘burn domain.’ The platform will burn and remove SHIB tokens from circulation on a daily basis.

Despite admitting that the gateway is in the “final stages,” Archangel has yet to offer an estimated delivery date. However, given that the platform is nearing completion, it might be introduced at any time, sooner or later.

Shiba Inu recently announced the development of its Metaverse, encompassing 100,595 plots of land. SHIB will unlock the plots in phases.

BitPay, the world’s top blockchain technology payments partner, sponsored a ‘Brackets Championship’ on their Twitter handle, where Shiba Inu and Polygon were locked in the final.

The firm requested investors to decide between the two. The token won a landslide victory over Polygon thanks to a tremendous outpouring of support for SHIB.